This Women’s Day, Look Glam with these 9 Easy Makeup Tips & Ideas

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Saying bye-bye to the freezing winters and welcoming the summer sun is a great feeling. But the smeared mascara, melting foundation and sticky lipstick might not be making you feel that great. So to fight off the sweaty makeup look, here are some tips to look glam under the glaring sun.


1. Moisturise your Skin

The first step to starting your makeup look is nourishing your skin and taking care of it. You can preferably go for an oil-free moisturizer so that your skin doesn’t feel sweaty and sticky.

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2. Apply Sunscreen and UV Protection

Alongside hydrating your skin, you must also be careful about protecting it against the harsh heat and radiations of the sun, especially if you are going to be staying out too long. You should apply sunscreen every few hours to avoid getting sunburnt.

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3. Invest in a Good Primer

Primers are applied before the makeup and right after hydrating the skin, so buy a good primer. After all, it is going to hold your makeup together. During summers, primer is the way to go as it doesn’t add weight or extra layers to your makeup but ensures that your makeup stays intact and in place.


4. Apply Less Makeup

If you want a trick to avoid caking and creasing makeup, here’s a simple one- don’t apply too much makeup. In the hot weather, applying too much makeup will result in caking, smudges and creases, so the best way to look your best is to hydrate your skin with moisturizer and sunscreen wherever possible.


5. Avoid the Shimmer

A dewy look is good but not so much for the summers. Your skin will already become sweaty in the heat and you do not want your makeup to make you look more sweaty than you already are. So avoid the shine and stick to natural healthy radiance.


6. Use a Blotting Paper

These products are cheap and helpful on a hot summer day when you are feeling too sweaty. Press the blotting paper to your skin and instantly remove the shiny, sweat covered look. If you wish to touch up your makeup, first blot your skin and then follow with a pressed powder.


7. Choose an Eye Primer

Use eye primers instead of putting cream on the eyelid, this will avoid creasing and the eyeshadow will cling on longer. For longer wearability, apply a layer of powder over a cream. Doubling works well for eyeshadows and liners.

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8. Choose Lip Stains over Heavy Lipsticks

Lip stains are becoming a trend- use this trend for the upcoming summers and put your heavy lipsticks aside. Lip stains are the perfect option as you can use lip balms to Lipsticks moisturize the lips without the worry about the colour smearing or spreading.

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9. Finish Your Look with a Setting Spray

The final step to making your makeup stay longer without caking, smearing or bleeding is by using a setting spray. Seal in your look for the day and no longer worry about your makeup melting away.

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This summer, no matter the heat and sweat, keep your makeup looking glamorous and on point with these simple tips. You want to shine but not due to the sweat, right?

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