Top 10 Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas for Couples

The month of February not only marks the end to winter chills but also spills the warmth of love everywhere. Lovers drown more in love, and singles seek to find one.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is yet again on its way to make you high on love. It’s that time of the year where couples go overboard and do every possible thing to rekindle the love that was lost somewhere.

You too can make this Valentine’s an occasion to remember even if you are not a follower of cliche rituals. Add a flicker of adventure and newness to your relationship and make your partner go head over heels with these awe-inspiring Valentine’s Day celebration ideas.

  1. Go on a Role Play Dinner Date: Standard dinner dates are boring, go out of the box and plan something quirky. Role-playing has caught a lot of eyeballs lately and is the best way to ignite a spark in your relationship if it has gone dull. You may dress up in your favorite character’s outfit, write a script, and plan the perfect date night that you’ve always dreamt of. This plan is going to work out for both of you, and you might explore some interesting things about each other. 
  2. Plan a Vacation: Being in a relationship, you are ought to plan plenty of things together but hardly get time to cover all of them up. Valentine’s 2020 is a godsend for everyone in love as it is falling on the weekend. Yes! Plan a vacay with your beau to a place you always wanted to visit. Create a checklist of things you want to try during the holiday and watch your relationship blooming again.
  3. Perfect Day for Proposal: If you two are dating for quite a time now and you want to take your relationship to another level, then Valentine’s is ‘The’ day for you. Plan a surprise marriage proposal for your better half and make them yours officially. Do it in an old way; buy a ring, take them to their favorite restaurant, send an invite to their friends and family if possible, and woof! You’ve just set a prefect proposal night, which is going to be remembered forever.
  4. Relive the Best Moments of your Relationship: How many times do you reminisce over the beautiful moments that took your breathe away? I’m sure, quite much! Why not relive those moments this Valentine’s? Visit the place where you first met, or a date that turned out to be excellent, watch the movie you both like to death, the night where you both got drunk and danced till dawn. Believe it or not, this activity will make your bond stronger than ever.
  5. Surprise them with Amazing Gifts: Gifts are the souvenirs of love that remain eternal. Nobody has ever felt sad after receiving a gift. Make the whole Valentine’s week special for the love of your life by sending them gifts every day throughout the week. Starting from Rose Day to Valentine’s, dedicate each gift for each day and see their eyes turn all teary in happiness. Jump to Archies’ Valentine Gifts Section.
  6. Netflix & Chill: Spending time together is everything a couple needs for a strong relationship. And, if you are one of those couples who like to binge-watch, then Valentine’s is a perfect excuse for you to sit down and watch your favorite web series. You guys can create a date-like ambiance in your home by setting up a dinner table, pouring red wine and cooking delicious food. The celebration will be budget-friendly, and you will spend quality time with beau without any intrusion
  7. Write Them Letters: Pouring your heart out in words can never go out of fashion. When you speak through words, the feelings that come out are pure and not manipulated. The seven days of love are the perfect excuse for you to do it. Make a plan and write theme-based letters for your significant other every day and see their passion for you becoming deeper.
  8. Attend an Event Together: Valentine’s is an occasion to do something that you both love. You can sort what all events are happening around you on Valentine’s and choose something that you love to attend together. It might be a book fair or a comedy show. Opt for one and enjoy the rest of your day giggling and holding hands with lots of PDA
  9. Comfy Date at Home: Why go out when you can create a million-dollar set up at your home! Spend time with your heart in tranquility. Sit inside your cozy little room as you adorn it with all Valentine’s essentials like balloons, candles, loads of gifts, a candlelight dinner, along with their favorite pizza.

  10. Go Old School: Have you ever fantasized about having a relationship that is old school and vintage, the kind your parents and their parents had! You can give your relationship a turn this Valentine’s by living your fantasies. Go and watch a 50s movie on a 70mm screen or take your love out in the oldest of fine dining restaurants, visit places that your parents used to treat as a dating place, and fill your partner with sheer passion and affection in a black and white way.



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