Top 25 Gift Ideas for Him

He is that special someone who adds color to your world, the one who makes life happier and exciting just by being with you. You do not need any special occasion to celebrate your deep love for that Mr. Right, right? Be it your husband, brother, boyfriend, grandfather, best friend or your colleague, you can easily express your love for him any time of the year without waiting for a special event.


For a person so special, why not gift him something special, JUST BECAUSE HE’S ON YOUR MIND? A gift chosen with love and care might result in improving your relationship. If you are confused about what gift to get him, no need to worry as Archies Online has got a huge bouquet of gift ideas all decked up for you.


Feeling lucky that you have a perfect male companion in your life? It is the time to reciprocate your love for him with the best gift options that can make him go awwwww! Gifts are special and it does not matter whether it is super expensive or not. It needs to be close to your heart.


So, here are our top 25 picks for him:


1. Photo Frame – You can pick out a recent photo that you ♥ the most or a very special moment with him that you will cherish forever. Get it framed in a fancy and classy photo frame. Just gift it to him and see him smile as all those fond memories surface in his mind. With this gift, you can let him know that he is really special to you and you cherish every moment spent together. Check out our Photo frame collection



2. Wallet – Men love wallets, period! You can gift your man a very fashionable wallet that will always make him remember every time he is paying for gas or fetching his visiting card. Choose the color and style that he loves the most from an array of options available at Archies Online galore. Go to Wallet Section



3. Coffee mugs – If he loves to have coffee or tea, nothing can be a better gift than a coffee mug. Don’t let your big guy to sip his favorite coffee in a bland and boring mug. Gift him a special coffee mug that can express your love for him and will also make his drink a lot more interesting. Check out our awesome mugs collection



4. Personalized gifts – Nothing can be better than personalized gifts. Personalized gifts cast a love-spell on the recipient and can create the best gift for any occasion. You can gift him personalized keepsakes such as calendars or a customized photo album books. Such things can actually make him happy and in turn you will also feel satisfied. Personalized Gifts – Shop Now



5. Notebooks – If your friend is a book worm and loves to put all his thoughts on paper, then won’t it be great if you gift him a fabulous and fun notebook? It can help him in storing and sorting his ideas and can also be used to store all his secrets. Have a look at our superb collection of Notebooks



6. Key Chains – Keychain is a very convenient gift option. Also, a keychain helps in keeping all the important keys in place such as car keys, keys for your home, cupboard and what not. So, why not gift him a keychain that will remind him of you every time he uses it. Key Chains – Shop now



7. Quote frames – Everyone needs a bit of motivation in their life, be it a good or bad phase of life. Everyone needs some sort of encouragement though no one actually vocalizes this need. So, why not gift your special person a quotation frame that features some beautiful and inspiring words of wisdom. In this way, you can actually let him know that he is super special to you and at the same time ensure that he achieves everything that he dreams of. Take a look at our beautiful collection of quotation frames



8. Bar accessories – If you have a friend who loves to drink in swag, gifting him some cool and funky bar accessories might turn out to be the best gift ever. You can opt for large beer glasses or trendy shot glasses that will actually enhance his drinking style. Mark the words, that your friend will surely thank you for this gift. Bar Accessories – Check These Out!



9. Greeting cards – Greeting cards have always been the most traditional and conventional way of wishing someone or sharing your feelings about them. So, why not let your special friend know what you feel about him? Greeting cards are perfect for showcasing your feelings in the proper way. Take a look at Archies’ Greeting Cards collection



10. Watches – Men and watches are an age-old affair. It’s common knowledge that men can never get enough of cool wrist watches. So, why not add another master-timepiece to his rich collection of watches? You can surprise him with a funky or classy watch, it will certainly make him feel special every time he wears it. Go to watches section



11. Sunglasses – Make your special friend look his best and attractive by gifting him a cool pair of sunglasses. You can even appreciate how he looks with the sunglasses on and post some cool insta stories featuring your dapper dude! Sunglasses – Shop Now



12. Cufflinks – Let your special friend grab tons of compliments for a classic pair of cufflinks that you can gift him. With a nice pair of cufflinks, he will the run the show at work and every now and then, at home too!! Cool Cufflinks for Sale – Check these out!



13. Chocolates- Who doesn’t love chocolates right? Be it a 5 years old kid or a 25 years old man, everyone loves chocolate. You can never find a person who said that “I don’t love chocolates”. Chocolates act like universal gifting option that you can gift your special friend any time you want. Jump to Chocolate Section



14. Hampers and combos – There are various combos and hampers that you can gift your friend any time of the year to let him know that you actually love him. Hampers can be mix-matched with various items for creating the best hamper for your friend. Here’s an endless collection of gift hampers – Check them out now



15. Fragrances – Why not make your special friend the showstopper of any event or party by gifting him a superb fragrance that would make his aura pleasing and manly. Every time your friend is going to wear that fragrance, he will surely think about you. Go to Fragrances Section



16. Cushions – In case your friend loves cozy gifts, cushions would be a great gifting choice for you. If your special friend is lazy then it is like an on point gift. Support his laziness with a funky and comfortable cushion. Check out our Cushion Collections



17. Accessories Hampers – If your loved one likes stylish accessories, pick a superb accessories hamper that suits his personality and style from Archies collection. Jump to Accessories Hampers Section



18. Male Grooming Products – Who said that men does not like to groom? They really love to look groomed and nothing can be special to them like a set of male grooming products. Let your friend amplify his looks and personality with a grooming set.


The Man Company – The Charcoal Gang Grooming Combo – Buy Now


19. Designer cakes – Celebrate the foodie in him by gifting him a designer cake. In fact a nice dessert doesn’t go to the stomach, it actually reaches the heart. So, gift him a nice cake and make him feel special. Archies Designer Cakes – Shop Now



20. Desk accessories – In case your friend loves small and minimalistic items, you can gift some desk accessories. Your friend will really appreciate the small gesture of love and you can make him feel really close to your heart. Go to Desk Accessories Section



21. Bracelets – Men are just so fond of bracelets. It can make them look manly and funky at the same time. So, why not gift your friend a bracelet and make him remember you every time he uses it. Men’s Jewellery – Shop Now



22. Light lamps – Light lamps are loved by all, be it men or women. You can gift your friend a light lamp with some cool and beautiful designs on it to make his bed side or study table look attractive and beautiful. Jump to Lamp Section



23. Wall hangings – If your friend loves to decorate his walls, then gift him a wall hanging with some beautiful quote on it or of some other design. You can find a lot of them of various designs and types. So, choose the one according to your friend’s choice and surprise him. Check out our Wall Hangings Collection



24. Card holder – If your special friend is a corporate type of guy, then he surely comes across dozens of visiting cards daily. It might turn out to be really tough for him to get hold of the important cards when he requires them urgently. Card holders can actually solve your friend’s problem and let him keep all the cards in arranged manner. So, why not gift him a card holder and deescalate his issue? Take a look at our fantastic collection of card holders



25. Fashion accessories – If your friend is a fashion enthusiast and loves to look cool and trendy all the time, gifting him some fashion accessories will be the best option. You can choose from a wide range of accessories such as funky chains, wristlets, hair bands and many more. So, gift your friend some fashion accessories and let him rock his look. Fashion Accessories from Archies Online – Shop Now



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