Top 5 reasons to celebrate Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan, a day dedicated to siblings is popularly known as the bond of love, care & respect.Sisters express their affection by fastening a ‘Rakhi’ on their brother's wrist whereas the brother takes the responsibility of protecting his sister throughout his life. A rakhi is a blessed thread to celebrate and strengthen the bond of love.



1) Because exchanging gifts with siblings is fun: One of the prime reasons to celebrate Rakhi is exchanging gifts and celebrating the love. Every sibling loves to receive gifts from their brothers and sisters. There is no doubt that we all love receiving gifts but Rakhi presents are totally adorable and unpredictable. Why? Because of the excitement it generates. It’s like Indian Christmas!


2) Let’s celebrate my sibling: A day which celebrates the bond between a brother & a sister. Siblings should take out time and go for a movie, exchange gifts or simply spend time at home. Cherish their childhood memories together by watching old albums.


3) Coz we are friends forever: The first friend who will always be at your side in everything. Your partner in crime, one who taught you sharing is caring and with whom day does not complete without fighting. But in the end, siblings are your best friends forever. They will be at your
side till eternity.

4) To show affection towards your sibling: The best way to show affection towards your sibling is to pamper them with gifts. We have variety of options to choose from – from personalized gifts to Greetings to hamper. You name it, we have it all! Here’s a glimpse of our collection: shutterstock_170654372

5) To cherish those moments with the family: Celebrate Raksha bandhan with family by giving them the most priceless gift i.e your time. There’s nothing like spending time with siblings and family in this entire world.

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