Top 10 Dialogues by Fathers

a. Humare Zamaane Mein : Dads just can stop talking about ‘How things were different in “their” times’. They have a long list of comparison starting from their pocket money to struggles of life to education.



b. Kya Kya Nahi Kiya Tumhare Liye: You will hear this dialogue more often whenever you will commit any crime (in their eyes). So, be ready to hear this and do not forget to tell them that “you’re grateful for whatever they have done”.


c. Log Kya Kahenge: Night out with friends? Coming home late from work? Wearing a mini skirt? They just have one answer to all these questions: Beta, Log Kya Kahenge? This dialogue has killed many dreams than anyone else.




d. Yeh Din Dekhna Reh Gaya Tha: Scored less marks, Complaints from neighbors/teachers, fought with friends and they will exaggerate the situation with “ Bas Ab Yehi Din Dekhna Reh Gaya Tha” as if you have killed somebody.



e. 12 Kar Lo Bas, Graduation Kar Lo Bas, MBA kar Lo IIM Se Bas: This “Bas” list is never ending till the time you get married. This is just a push from their side so that you can perform well in every phase of life.



f. Paise Ped Pe Lagte Hai Kya: Every Dad thinks that their kids splurge on all the useless things and don’t value money. That’s because you all have a long shopping list, mobile bills, pocket money and so on. Don’t you? Which one from the above is your Dad’s favorite dialogue? 



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