‘You’ & ‘Me’ Together Forever

Think back to a time when you did those romantic things for each other, made each other feel special. How often do you do it now? Of course, relationships lose their sheen after some time, but the sentiments and emotions behind it never fade. Just like our birthdays and anniversaries, many of us also bookmark Valentine’s Day. Ever wondered what makes it so special? Because the love filled day is one opportunity, to bring back that charm and pep up your relationship.

To celebrate the bond of love and togethrness, Archies has come with its all new ‘Together Forever’ assortment of greeting cards and gifts. Featuring soft dreamy feel and heartwarming sentiments, this collection includes clocks, mugs & sippers, beautiful greeting cards making it just the perfect package for this love season.

Let your love unfold


Love comes in many forms, and so does our romantic greeting cards. Let your feeling and emotions unfold as your beloved opens up the greeting card. The lovely card will spread out to a jumbo poster which is sure to sweep your sweetheart off her feet with the love messages.


Wake up to love



Let your sleepy sweetheart wake up to the alarm of this trendy alarm clock every morning. As and when your beloved will glance at this clock, the romantic love couple is sure to make her or him remember those beautiful romantic moments spend with you.

Lovey- dovey Mug


Indeed a lot can be expressed over coffee, and this love themed mug is sure to express your heart felt love for your sweetheart. All you need is to prepare her coffee and serve it in this romantic love themed mug. This mug which comes in a stylish love box packaging is sure to steal her heart away.


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