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Parents Day and Its Celebration Ideas

We all are very well aware of Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Daughters Day and so on. However, do you know there is a day to celebrate parenthood? Yes, its the Parents Day, which is celebrated with full zeal worldwide on the fourth Sunday of July. This year, it falls on 24th July 2016.


Therefore, the question is what Parents Day is and why it is so important. Well, it is a national observance in the US since 1994 that came into the limelight to promote the role of responsible parenting and to give them recognition for their efforts. Being parents is a big responsibility, as its not only just confined to giving birth to a child, they need to struggle day and night to give their child a nurturing and secure environment. All that investments, commitments, sacrifices, focus, time and much more, needs to be appreciate.


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Celebration of Love

Gifts Ideas that Make your Dad Feel Special

Daddy, Father, Dad or Papa however we call him, a father is the first male influence in a girl’s life. At every stage he plays an important role in his daughter’s life. For a girl, her father is likely to be her chief guide. He gives unconditional love, protection and guidance to her daughters. Thus, a girl shares an affectionate and meaningful bond with her father.

Being daddy’s cute, little princess now it’s your turn to express your love and show your appreciation for your dad and what is the better way to express your heartfelt emotions with a perfect gift…

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