…..the Snoopy way

Nothing beats the feel of a refreshing cup of tea or coffee!  For some it may be a great way to kick-start their day, for some a perfect add-on to their gossip session with friends, for some an energizer, and for some just another drink to bond with people. If the beverage is universal special, it ought to be served the ‘special way’. Grab one of our special Snoopy mugs and make the day brighter for you and your dear ones.

Admit it!


DSCN4234 DSCN4235

The most common way of apologizing may be saying sorry, but for the ones who are special it is much more than that. Prepare a cup of tea or coffee for your loved one and stir it with love in this Snoopy mug, your sweetheart is sure to forgive you for your mistake.



A special goodbye


DSCN4231 DSCN4232

Goodbyes are hard, but it is always good to tell people they’ll be missed. Present your dear one this lovely Snoopy mug so that you’re remembered forever.



You’re my true friend


DSCN4227 DSCN4228


Of course many of us have best buddies, but how often do we tell them they are special. This snoopy mug with a lovely friendship quote will be yet another excuse to tell your buddy how much you value her or him.



Mug full of love


DSCN4218 DSCN4224


Enjoying a cup of tea or coffee right after you wake up surely makes you feel in heaven, but only if it served with love. So, say ‘I love you’ through this Snoopy mug, and let a little more happen to impress your sweetheart than just tea or coffee.

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