Girls may complaint that having a bossy brother is one of the awful things that has ever happened to them. But hey, there are plenty of advantages too. Yes, they let us eat the cherry first, and their favorite t-shirts are always approved by us first. Want to know more? Read on…



1. Most of your friends will be guys.


You have a brother and he has his friends. As compared to a girl who does not have an elder brother, you are friends with more guys. And the best part, none of these guys will dare to be mean to you, because you are their buddy’s sister.


2. You have a 24X7 defender


He is there to beat the hell out of every guy who acts mean to you. He will take care of you. No matter where you are going, he is just a call away to protect you and make sure you are safe and sound.


3. Helps you in understanding boys’ psychology


Having a brother around helps you understand how boys behave in specific cases, and what their expectations from a girl are. This way, you will always be good and nice your partner because you already know how he is going to react in most of the situations.


In short, your elder brother is just like a second father to you… only much cooler and younger.
So girls, it’s time that you keep your tiffs aside and appreciate him… with Archies.

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