• Top 15 Mothers Day Gifts Ideas 2021 an Archies Recommendation

    Mother’s Day Gifts ideas 2021

    Mothers always hold a special place in every child’s heart. While moms may not perpetually admit it, they love it when their kids get them presents. After all, who doesn’t fancy the happiness of opening up a gift?

    It might not be easy to keep count of the days apart this year, but consider this as your official reminder that Mother’s Day 2021 is on Sunday, May 9th. If you just encountered a short moment of panic, no worries — you’re in the right place because we’ve rounded up the best Mother’s Day gift ideas.

    Here is a list of mother’s day gift ideas one can give their mother on this special day to make them feel a little more special.



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  • Top 10 Colourful Gift Ideas for Holi 2021

    Archies Holi Gift Hamper

    Celebrate this Holi with Unique & Colourful Gift from Archies

    We are all excited to celebrate the festival of colours, whether we enjoy getting covered in colours or just want it slightly smeared on our cheek. The colourful festival sure makes us all feel happy and bubbly inside. But before the occasion does arrive, we must figure out the gifts we plan on giving to our loved ones. Do you have it all planned out? Or are you still coming up with good gift ideas for this festival like all of us?

    Whatever might be the case, we have prepared a list of the best Holi gifts you can consider giving to your loved ones.


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  • This Women’s Day, Look Glam with these 9 Easy Makeup Tips & Ideas

    Womens day2021

    Saying bye-bye to the freezing winters and welcoming the summer sun is a great feeling. But the smeared mascara, melting foundation and sticky lipstick might not be making you feel that great. So to fight off the sweaty makeup look, here are some tips to look glam under the glaring sun.


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  • Best Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Week 2021


    We all can agree that the start of February begins with preparations for Valentine’s week. All around, we can see people planning something special for their love. With elated hearts, everyone is rushing around to make their week with their loved ones perfect.

    Are you also a part of this crowd, running about to make arrangements? It is also important to come up with gifts that are unique, thoughtful and a symbol of your love. We hope you have got them figured out. If not, you can go through our gift ideas for each day of Valentine’s week.


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  • Top 15 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021 for Every Relationship


    Even though we all might agree that we should show our love and care for each other all throughout the year, this day, we allow ourselves to splurge a little and celebrate the spirit of love with extra efforts. All of us might not be looking for grand, over-the-top gestures, but we all do enjoy celebrating the occasion by getting together with loved ones, buying gifts and making the day a bit special.


    If you have a partner, you might even be planning something special to commemorate your love for each other. If that is the case, make your day together memorable with the right gifts for your lover. You can also give gifts to family and friends and celebrate the love you have.


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