Top 25 Rakhi Gift Ideas for Sister


Sisters are blessing in disguise. Elder or younger, they will always act as they are the elder one and become the second mother. But lets be honest, the love and care they show is no less than of a mother because after mother, sister is the one to understand her brother the best. They may fight, pull pranks, get cranky but they will always want the best for their brothers. She is no less than an adorable person who always cares for you and wants you to be happy. So for all the brothers out there, Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and your sisters would have already chosen the best Rakhi and gift for you. What have you chosen to surprise your sister with? Not sure what gift would leave them surprised? Well, we can help you.


Presenting 25 Rakhi gift Ideas for your sisters that would make her jump with joy and shower all her love on you.


  1. 1. Jewellery Box – Every woman on this planet adores jewellery and can never get enough of them. You will find them with large boxes filled with jewellery but still they would be looking for some new jewellery that amplifies their look. This Rakhi, add a shine to your sisters' jewellery sets by surprising her with a lavishing jewellery box to make her shine in the crowd. Click here to view astonishing pieces of jewellery boxes


Compact Jewellery Box


  1. 2. Soft Toys– The soft and cuddly teddy bears will definitely bring out the child-like nature of your sister. These cute toys become every girls best friend. She would definitely love it and feel happy if you gift her one of them. Click here to take a look at Archies' Beautiful Collection of Soft Toys




    1. 3. Jewellery – Everybody wants to add a spark to their outfit by accessorizing. Make your sister’s personality stand out by gifting her minimal yet chic pair of earrings that she is definitely going to love.  Check out our Stunning Range of Earrings – Click here


Crystal Floral Drop Earring With Gold Plating


  1. 4. Sunglasses– Sunglasses always add an extra style to an outfit and we know everyone loves to have an amazing pair of sunglasses that would stand out. Make that happen for your sister on this Rakhi by surprising her with an amazing pair of sunglasses. Let her flaunt her style and you in return can get all the credits.Awesome-looking Sunglasses – Click Here to Check Out




    1. 5. Stylish Bags – Bags are and always have been a womans first love. They decide their days according to their bags and their search for the perfect bag is always on-going. So, on this Rakhi, surprise your sister with bag that she wouldnt have imagined to be gifted from your side. Click here to Checkout this Fabulous Collection of Bags


Blue Potli Sling Bags


  1. 6. Watches – Has your sister been looking for a watch for a long time? Or were you planning to gift this timeless possession to her? Well if yes, then you are going on the right track. A timeless possession like wrist watch is an amazing way to let your sister know how much you love her. Trendy to Classy, Youll Find a Watch for Every Personality, Click Here to Take a Look.




  1. 7. Photo Frames – Photo Frames are a good way to seize moments that one wants to cherish for years. Were sure that there are plenty of such memories and that you would want to cherish them forever. Also, if you or your sister live in different states, photo frames will be the best way to let your sister know how much you miss her. Click Here to Pick the Best One From this Beautiful Collection of Photo Frames




  1. 8. Chocolates in heart cushion – Chocolates and women have an indescribable relationship. They become their best friends and they obviously taste so heavenly! . Trust us, your sister would love to receive chocolates as Rakhi gift, especially when they come in best of the packages like this fluffy heart cushion. View our Range of Awesome Chocolate Hampers – Click Here


Chocolates In Heart Cushion



  1. 9. Notebooks – You will always remember the time when your creative sister used to do all your holiday home works and write your theoretical papers. Your sister is blessed with the creative side which makes her unique and special. This Rakhi, bring out the creative side of your sister by gifting her designer and creative notebooks that would motivate her to pen down her thoughts. Colorful, Vibrant and Beautiful- Click Here to Check out the Highly Creative, Designer Notebooks from Archies.




  1. 10. Makeup – The reason that your sister looks amazing in special parties, night outs and get-togethers is because of Makeup. Makeup enhances the natural beauty and with all the teases, you would always want your sister to look the best. Because it is only you who has the right to tease her and no one else. Thus, surprise her with some makeup that would for sure surprise her because she would never expect you to gift her makeup products! Check out the Awesome Collection of Gift Set by She




  1. 11. Flowers- Flowers bring out positive vibes and smile on every face. Moreover, flowers have the power to convey your feelings and thoughts without saying anything. The soothing colors and the soft fragrance of the flowers have the power to lift the mood of any person to the next level. . On this Rakhi, gift your sister a pleasant bunch of flowers that would uplift her mood instantly. Click Here to View Archies' Range of Flowers and Flower Combos Available for Sale




  1. 12. Dry Fruits Hampers- While you are finding new and unique ways to make your sister's day special, why not add some traditional factor to surprise your sister? As our elders have told us, including dry fruits to any festival is auspicious, likewise, add some dry fruits to the gift hamper and make this day more auspicious for your sister. Rakhi Gift Hamper With Dry Fruits – Click Here to Buy

Orchids And Dry Fruits


  1. 13. Mugs and Sippers – If your sister is a coffee or tea lover or is always on the run and needs her energy drink on the go, then gifting her mug or a sipper can be the perfect Rakhi gift for her. Mugs and Sipper with quirky quote or beautiful lines conveying your love for her can be a great gift. While shes on the run and having her beverage, she will always remember you for the special gift. Exclusive Mugs and Sippers for Sisters – Click Here to Checkout





  1. 14. Special Rakhi Hamper – Needless to say, a special rakhi Hamper is a must on the occasion of Rakshabandhan, because when else you will surprise her with the bundle of gifts!  Rakhi Hamper for sister- Click Here to Buy


Sapphire Chocolate With Wooden Quotation Hamper For Sister


  1. 15. Cakes – No celebration is complete without a cake! If youre thinking who cuts a cake on Rakhi then we ask why not? Moreover, cakes are the best thing after chocolates that can be gifted or surprised with on any occasion. Just order her favourite flavour and see her happiness while having it. Take a Look at Archies' Range of Cakes – Click Here



  1. 16. Keychains – Keychains can also be a very innovative gifting option for your sister. If your sister travels either by a 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler, surprise her with a cute keychain that would match her personality and bring a smile on her face every time she drives. Take a Look at Archies' Range of Cakes – Click Here


Envelope Style Pink Keychain Pouch


  1. 17. Quotations – A little motivational push will make your sister feel pumped every morning. Just gift her a motivational quotation that she can keep it at a special place and let her be thankful for the daily encouragement from her loving brother. Admire all women quotation book – Click here to buy


Admire All Women Quotation Book


  1. 18. Greeting Cards – One can treasure them for years and years and still be nostalgic about them. No matter what people say, greeting cards are the best creative gift a person can have. The special line written on them stucks directly to the heart and makes a person emotional. So, on this Rakhi, let your emotions come out about how you feel for your sister. Special Sister Greeting Card For Rakhi.


Special Sister Greeting Card


  1. 19. Designer Pens- A pen should complement the style and confidence of a person and not only solves the purpose. The flow of the ink, the feel of the pen and the durability of it are few factors that matters the most. However, not all pens have these qualities. Thus on this Rakhi, gift your sister a designer pen that would not only complement her style but will solve the purpose with more efficiency than ever. Youll love these for sure, so will your sister – Archies' Designer Pens- Click Here to View the Range




  1. 20. Personalised Wooden Plaque – A sister is the best thing that happens to a brother and thus it is important for him to let her know how much she means to him and to let her know that, gift her a special personaloised wooden plaque that says she is the worlds best sister. Make her feel the best and let her know her importance. Personalised Wooden Plaque- Click Here


Personalised Wooden Plaque


  1. 21. Personalised Cushion Covers – How fun would it be to get your sister a cushion especially dedicated for her? Gift your sister some personalised cushion that would spell out her importance and make her feel special Rakhi Special Sister Cushion – Click Here to Buy


Pink Cushion For Sister


  1. 22. Flowers and Cake Hampers – Flowers and Cake combos are not only restricted to birthdays and anniversaries but they can be surprised with on Rakhi also. Additionally, women are always in awe of flowers and cake and thus surprising her with this hamper will be a good gesture. Check out the Flowers and Cake Hampers Available for Sale- Click Here




  1. 23. Show Piece – A vintage girl show piece will definitely enhance the interior of the house, also women always have an interest in making their place better, so gifting her a nice and quirky showpiece will definitely lift up her spirits. Polyresin Ballerina Showpiece – Click here to buy

Polyresin Ballerina Show Piece


  1. 24. Tea and Saucer- Serving a cup of tea or coffee in a unique tea cup and saucer makes an identity of an own. With a unique set of designer tea cup and saucer, let your sister flaunt her crockery set and add an oomph factor to it. Cup and Saucer for My Adorable Sister- Click Here to Buy




  1. 25. Sister Love LED Bottle – Think about a bottle filled with loads of pretty lights! Now think how your sister will feel if she gets this one? Overwhelmed right? So what are thinking for, just dedicatethis really awesome sister love LED Bottle and let her think of all the reasons why you love her so much. Sister Love LED Bottle – Click here to buy


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