Top 25 Rakhi Gift Ideas for Your Brother


The bond between a brother and sister is indefinable. It goes through a lot of ups and downs. They become the first enemies of each other and become the prank partners. They are by each other’s side no matter what, moreover, they even blackmail each other but at the end they would do something special for each other. Living with them or without them is a tricky thing, but you always look out for them and want them to be on your side no matter how much your sibling annoys you, and to celebrate this love-hate relationship, Raksha Bandhan is the perfect day to do it.

Raksha Bandhan a festival to celebrate the eternal bond between a brother and sister brings out the most joyous time among them. It brings back the memories that every brother and sister loves to cherish and create new ones on this special day.


While all the preparations are happening around to celebrate the festival, are you still not sure what to gift your brother on this Rakhi? Or is your brother living in different state or country which is making it difficult to celebrate the festival together? Well, leave all your worries to us because Archies online is here to give you a wide range of gifting options that you can surprise your brother with on this Rakhi. If till this time you were only searching the various platform to find the right gift for your brother then there's no looking further. Archies Online has a plethora of gifting options from which you can choose an amazing gift for your brother and make him filled with joy. Here are Top 25 Rakhi gift-Ideas for your lovely brother.


  1. 1. Rakhi With Dry Fruits Hamper – According to to Hindu culture, a festival is not complete without the presence of dry fruits. Plus everyone is aware of the numerous benefits of them. So on this Rakhi, gift/send your brother a Rakhi with Dryfruit Hamper that would make him feel like home. Rakhi with Dry Fruits Hamper – Click Here




  1. 2. Photo Frame – Memories that are seized in pictures have a lot of weightage and makes us remember all the times that we have spent over the years. Gifting your brother a photo frame with a picture of you both will definitely make him nostalgic and loved at the same time. Brother You Rock Photo Frame – Click Here to Buy





  1. 3. Rakhi Set for Bhaiya and Bhabhi – Now that your brother has a life partner, it becomes a sister’s duty to celebrate Rakhi with her Bhabhi too. So for all the sisters out there, find the best Rakhi set for your Bhaiya and Bhabhi to make this day special for all three of you because we are sure that your sister-in-law would love to have an exquisite Rakhi for her also. Bhaiya-Bhabhi Rakhi Hamper – Click Here to Buy


Sequinted Lumba Rakhi With Roli Chawal



  1. 4. Hip Flask Gift Hamper​ – Finding a gift which is suitable and useful for your brother is a tricky task but not an impossible task. So if you’re still scratching your head for finding the best gift for your brother on this Rakhi then look no more and gift this hip flask gift hamper which consists of a hip flask, two shot glasses, and one skull show piece with cigar. Make his boozing time better with this gift hamper. Hip Flask Gift Hamper – Click Here to Buy


Hip Flask Set Gift Hamper


  1. 5. Ferrero Rocher and Rakhi Hamper – We are sure every time you hear the name of Ferrero Rocher or see it front of your eyes, the want to have it immediately rises up! The crackles and the chocolate ball does its magic. On the other hand, we all know that brothers obsess over deodorants as they always want to look and smell fresh. So on this Rakhi, surprising your brother with the delicious Ferrero Rocher and Deodranr Combo will make his day filled with fragrance and a special feeling of sisterly love. Deodorant Combo – Click Here to Buy




  1. 6. Silver Rakhi – We know no Rakshabandhan is complete without a Rakhi but how about buying a lavish Rakhi for your brother that can be worn days after the festival? Yes, choose a type of rakhi that can be worn for a long time and does not fade away soon. Where to find such a rakhi? Click on Archies’ wide range of premium rakhis




  1. 7. Wallet – Surprise your brother with a brand new wallet that would make an impression on others. Like women are after variety of handbags, men are often interested for wallets. Now that you know their secret, surprise them with a wallet along with a delicious chocolate box that they may be looking for since a long time or was planning to buy one. Wallet Hamper – Click Here to Buy




  1. 8. Handmade Chocolates – Who doesn’t love chocolates? Moreover, handmade chocolates? A box full of them. Yes this haven! Gift your brother a box full of happiness with handmade chocolates that will definitely make you feel joyous. Handmade chocolates Combo – Click here to buy




  1. 9. Rakhi Gift Hamper – Everybody would love get surprised with gift hampers and with Rakhi emerging soon, surprising your sibling with a special gift hamper will be the icing on the cake. To see your brother filled with joy, Gift him any of these beautiful Rakhi Gift Hampers to make his day super special.



  1. 10. Message Bottle Hamper​ – While you are finding unique ways to make your brother's Rakhi special, we are here making it simple for you. Surprise him with a bottle of messages or plenty of reasons to tell him why he is the best brother. This is a jar full of happiness because when he will be reading all those messages and would definitely have big wide smile on his face. Message Bottle Hamper – Click here to buy




Awesome Brother Glass Token – Click here to Buy


  1. 11. Mugs Hampers – For a brother who loves coffee or tea and needs a fill up often, gifting him a personalized mug or sipper would be the best option on this Rakhi. Make your brother smile on this Rakhi by gifting him a personalised mug hamper along with kaju Barfi – Click here to buy


Kaju Barfi With Personalized Mug Hamper



  1. 12. Greeting Cards – Gifting a Greeting card always makes the moment special. They can be kept for a lifetime to and always cherish the memories. So, on this Rakhi whatever gift you buy for your brother, do not forget to buy a special Rakhi greeting card as an add-on to make the day special. Rakhi with greeting card – Click here to buy




  1. 13. Cushion Hamper​ – Cushions have always been a favourite for everyone. So why not gift your brother a cushion with a special quote on it and we’re sure that will make him remember his childhood days and be cuddly with this cushion. Also the funny and quirky quotes, these cushions are worth buying for. Cushion Hamper – Click here to buy


Cushion With KitKat Hamper


  1. 14. Chocolate Hamper – The two essential things for celebrating Rakshabandhan are Rakhis and sweets. While there is no substitute for rachis, however, the traditional sweets can be replaced with the alluring chocolates that will amazingly statisfy everyone’s taste buds. The younger ones who happily choose chocolates over sweets any day. Chocolate Hamper – Click here to buy




  1. 15. Notebooks – If your brother has a geeky side or loves to spill his thoughts on paper then surprise him with some quirky notebook set on this Rakhi. We are sure he would love to write on such notebooks because; good thoughts come on a clear and good paper. So impress your brother with these notebooks by gifting them. Stylish Notebook – Click here to buy

Classy Black Notebook


  1. 16. Sweet Hampers – Sweets along with Rakhi is the perfect combination to celebrate Rakhi and what is better than celebrating the day traditionally? Delicious Sweets Hamper – Click here to buy




  1. 17. Quotation Book – Everybody loves decorating their home will special frames, wallpapers, wall clocks and other home decor products that would enhance the walls and appearance of the home. So you can gift your brother a special quotation which depicts your love for him. This quotation will stand tall on your brother’s side table or office. Quotation Book For Brother – Click here to buy



  1. 18. Fragrance – Boys love to smell good. Who would not love to smell good everyday? So, give your brother a reason to smell good and let them flaunt a special fragrance gifted to him by his lovelysister.. You know what kind of a smell your brother would prefer thus, gifting a fragrance on this special day would be just perfect. Deodorant Set – Click here to buy



  1. 19. Accessories Gift Set – Gift your brother this Accessories Gift Set which contains one card holder, and a wallet. This gift is perfect for the brother who likes to be well groomed and is always on the go! Click here to buy



  1. 20. Cufflinks – Make your brother look stand out from the crowd with a pair of cufflinks on special days. Cufflinks make a man feel confident because of the extra style factor it brings with it. So, why not surprise your brother with these cufflinks? Click here to buy awesome cufflinks set



  1. 21. Bar Accessories – Give the perfect present to your brother, who enjoys an occasional drink, this Rakhi. Remind him of your sibling party moments by gifting him elegant wine glasses or help him decorate his personal counter with shiny hip flasks. Rakhi presents must speak to the person it is meant for and what better way to celebrate the event than giving him something he will truly cherish. Click here to check out our eclectic collection of bar accessories.




  1. 22. Sunglasses – Let your brother beat the heat by gifting him these cool sunglasses on this Rakhi. Make him look stylish and a popular among people with these sunglasses because after all who doesn’t want to look cool? Click here to buy supercool sunglasses




  1. 23. Pens – A pen that matches the standards of a person is not easy to find. But Archies makes that possible. A signature pen holds a very important place when it comes to styling and we are sure, you don't want your brother to miss that factor. So gift him a special signature pen on this Rakhi and let him know that he is important to you. Click here to buy amazing pen sets




  1. 24. Flowers and Cake – Which celebration is complete without some flowers and a cake? Order your brother's favourite flavour cake and a bunch of flowers that would make him feel stunned and smile at the same time. Click here to buy





  1. 25. Watch – This timeless gift will always be in your brother's mind once gifted. A man is always in love with wrist watch and can never get enough of them. So give your brother another reason to fall in love wrist watches by gifting him a contemporary wrist watch that would bring all the eyes on him. Click here to buy classy wrist watches.




Seizing every moment with your brother is worth cherishing and we would always want you to collect more and more memories with him. We know the importance of Raksha Bandhan in your life. So, surprise your brother with some special gifts on this Rakhi and let him feel extra special on this day.


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