How COVID-19 Changed the Bond Between a Brother & Sister


The chaste bond of love between a brother and a sister is one of the deepest and noblest of human emotions. ‘Rakshabandhan’ or ‘Rakhi’ is a special occasion to celebrate this emotional bonding by tying a holy thread around the wrist. 


However, this year Rakshabandhan is going to be slightly different. The outbreak of COVID-19 in March’2020, nationwide lockdown for three months, and now cases increasing every day has made us all realise the value of human life more. The human species saw that how life of every person is above all the materialism in this world. 


The same pandemic has proven to be a relationship enhancer as well. Talking about the bond that siblings share, it has definitely become better since the time of lockdown as people travelled to their homes and got plenty of time to spend with each other.

Due to various life’s responsibilities like studies and job, people never really spent much time with each other. 

Especially, siblings! They settle in other cities or countries to fulfil their dreams and family feels in the back-end.


At this moment, most of the people are together and the best thing about being together right now is that Rakshabandhan is approaching real soon and siblings will get the opportunity to spend it together with lots of love and fun. 


Rakshabandhan, the day stands for the unconditional love and affection shared between siblings. The ritual of gifting is an indispensable part of the celebrations on Rakshabandhan day. Thus, selecting gifts on Rakshabandhan for sisters or brothers becomes an incredibly important task.

Since this year’s Rakhi is special and unique in many ways, you can also gift something unique to your brother or sister to make them feel more special. 


Archies understands your emotions and needs, and therefore gives some very interesting gift options instead of gifting the conventional envelope of cash, pamper your siblings this Rakshabandhan with unconventional gifts from Archies.


Right products that can spruce up the house and encompasses everything that you can think of when the words ‘Gifts’ and ‘Rakhi’ come together. Archies offers a product portfolio containing specially designed Greeting Cards, Rakhis, gift items such as Chocolates, Photo Albums, Photo Frames, Soft Toys, Mugs, Quotation Plaques, Key Chains and a wide range of combos of Dry Fruits, Beauty and Spa Products, Confectionaries and Sweets.


All these gifts speak of an emotion that you can now express. If you have a brother or sister who is still living away from you and want to make them feel at home, closer to you. Write letters, send them journal, or a pretty photo frame with yours and theirs pictures.

The current situation is difficult but with your constant support, your precious siblings will be able to pull it off. 


Emotions have always been at the heart of Archies collections.And post lockdown, it needs to be a top priority.  One need not do anything big; a small thoughtful act goes a long way when it comes to those we love. Archies has a whole new range of unique items and lend a dash of élan and color to gifting. Archies has evolved from a cards-only destination to a complete social expressions store. It currently operates 240+ exclusive outlets and equal number of franchise outlets across India and neighboring countries. Archies products are also available on which provides the convenient option of sending cards and gifts to your loved ones from any corner of the world, designed especially for the occasion.


Archies never ceases to explore ways to keep the brand young and desirable. Today, it’s helping bring people together; tomorrow it will celebrate with them the romance of life and living. Through these subtle positioning shifts it expects to remain relevant to the Indian consumer with novel and innovative offerings. However, irrespective of how it is perceived the truth is that no other Indian brand evokes the same feelings of love and emotions. It is unlikely that any brand, in the near future, will.

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