How to Plan a Birthday Surprise

Birthdays bring happiness in our lives. Don’t you love celebrating your friend’s birthday more than yours?  You do, right? Birthday planning is very crucial as you want everything to be perfect! Hence, in order to surprise your loved ones, you need to have special preparations and surprises.

Looking for some super fun surprise birthday ideas when you want to go an extra mile for your loved ones? Then, here’s your guide to a rocking surprise party:


a. Day of Awesomeness: You can make your loved ones day full of awesomeness by including their favorite places to eat, things they like to do or places they would like to visit and fill their day with these and more surprises. Start the day with sweet little hint notes & greetings and end it with a big bash.

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b. Round the clock gifting: Who doesn’t like getting gifts every hour? Yes, you heard it right! Make them feel special by gifting once every hour and keep the biggest surprise for last.

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c. Say it with Balloons: Nothing comes as beautiful as saying it with balloons. Surprise your loved ones with these Balloon Bouquets and see the smile on their faces.

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d. Birthday Greetings: Greetings are one of the oldest yet cutest ways to express your feelings. Start with the reminders every week and then finally sending the big greeting for the occasion.

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e. Surprise with a personalized cake and chocolates: Birthdays are incomplete without cakes and chocolates. Complete the sweetness of the day with a personalized birthday hamper.

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Hope these ideas will help you plan a surprise and make the special day filled with happiness and memories to cherish forever. J





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