10 Awesome Ideas to Make Your Parents’ Happy on Parents’ Day


“Bachpan se dekha hai tumhe haste hue, tumhe ungali pakad ke chalte hue, safalta ki seedhi chadte hue.”

Throughout parenthood, this is what each parent feels when it comes to their children. They have been with us through our thick and thin, tolerating our tantrums and raising us to be the proud individuals we are. No amount of gratitude will ever balance the scale of what parents do for their young ones. Even if we grow up to be independent, the care and concern for us only grow stronger and no matter how much we grow up, we’ll still be the learning to walk while balancing ourselves. Parent’s day is how we can reciprocate a fraction of love and even the smallest of gestures would mean the world to them. That’s the beauty of love. It does not seek to be displayed; it needs to be done with a pure heart and a good intention.


Here are 10 ideas that will surely make your folks happy on parents' day and help you reconnect as a family:

(PS: Your mere presence and gratitude for their love are going to make the day special enough.)


1. Gift Ideas : Parents know and fulfill all our needs. They grant us gifts that we desire the most. Likewise, you can choose the perfect gift for your parents on this special day. Cards are essentials but you can also walk down the memory lane and make a collage of your childhood pictures narrating a story of an incredible journey with your family. You can also choose hampers, watches, bracelets and the like from the incredible collection at Archies Online. If your creativity allows you, you can also gift a hand-made card decorated with your grand artistic abilities. Gifting is an art and giving your parents a perfect gift is the one of the most special gestures you can do for your folks.  Jump to Parent’s Day Gifts Section.


2. Breakfast in bed : Happiness starts at home and what better way to begin their morning than breakfast in bed? Go old school and prepare a light meal sprinkled with heaps of love, serve it with an extra dose of hugs and kisses. It’s the thought that counts and something as simple as a cup of tea with some fresh flowers and a card would make their day. Baking a home-made cake with an endearing message would definitely be the cherry on the cake.


3. Movies : Movies are great when it comes to entertainment and spending quality time with family. You can select the best one that fits your mood and what fun it would be to watch it together with your parents. All these moments make up as memories that go down as stories for the best parent’s day memory.


4. Outings : Nothing bonds a family more than a good outing and on the parent’s day, you can go out for a picnic or make reservations for lunch or dinner that would make your parents happy and enrich a bond as a family. Going out for a dinner or lunch creates a sense of bonding which will last for years to come. It can include small trips to places with scenic beauty or religious significance; as long as you are all together bonding it doesn’t matter where you go!


5. A Going outdoor for some adventure activities : Help them break the monotony and go outdoors for some fun adventurous activities which will create a sea of memories while allowing you to spend quality time with your parents. Such excursions will be a unique and fun filled experience for your parents. Bring out their adventurous side and embrace it with gratification and excitement that will surely make this parent’s day the most memorable one.


6. Binge watching favorite TV shows : Grab a bucket of popcorn and turn on the television for their favorite shows that you can binge watch TOGETHER. Get them comfortable with the best seat in the house and grab some snacks and some fizz to make the soiree even more entertaining. Watching their favorite television series including the religious classics for some moral enlightenment or some English old school drama that will make you all bond like never before. It could also be followed by a Barbeque outside the house with some food and dinner afterwards.


7. Visit to a museum, a planetarium or a theme park : Buy tickets to the best museums, aquariums or the planetarium that you can visit with your parents. Watching light and sound show or interacting with marine life is an interesting parent’s day idea. There are various food stalls and of course, then there are rides that not everyone will be willing to do but you have to make sure to convince them to climb on board and make it one of the best parent’s day stories.


8. Invite some friends over : Parent’s day is all about bonding with each other. Inviting friends and families would only add to the celebration. It will be like a mini-festival of togetherness with loved ones all around. Let your parents enjoy with their friends and family members while you organize dinner and fun activities to keep the evening young. Music, dance, movies, games etc. are just some of the activities you add for a memorable parent’s day celebration.


9. Playing childhood videos : Nothing gets better on parent’s day than reminiscing childhood memories. Selecting some old childhood videos from the past and watching it with your parents will surely bring back a lot of laughs and happy tears. The bond between parents and children only grows stronger with time and that is just one way to look at the whole timeline. Spending quality time with your parents while walking down the memory lane will surely be one of the most memorable parent’s day celebrations.


10. Acknowledge the love : Finally, this year (and every year) on Parent’s day (and every other day too), acknowledge the unconditional love and uncountable sacrifices that your folks made for you. They dedicated their lives in shaping yours and now it’s your turn to pamper the most important individuals in your life.


Dedicated to all parents who are our “BFFs – STRONGEST SUPPORT SYSTEM –BIGGEST WELL WISHERS



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