NEW YEAR RESOLUTION – ‘Helping the weak will make you strong.’

With New Year just around the corner, we know you’re ready for some splurging and celebration and there are still many preparations that are left undone! One of which is bestowing your near and dear ones with ideal New Year gifts. Exchange of gifts during New Year is an age-old tradition and it plays an extremely important role during festive season. As diyarbakır escort bestowing gifts allows you to show your love, care and affection to your most beloved people in life.



Archies gives some very interesting gift options instead of gifting the conventional sweet box, gift your loved ones this New Year with unconventional gifts from Archies. Right products that can spruce up the house and encompasses everything that you can think of when the words ‘Gifts’ and ‘New Year’ come together.





The time of New Year is one of the most festive and beautiful times of the year. Archies has joined hands with CRY and Help Age to give social cause a new dimension. Being a leader in the social expression category, Archies introduced greeting cards made by the little children and elderly. These greeting cards are unique and give you something special to wish with. These have become the most appreciated greeting cards in its category and will give you a sense of pride in greeting your loved ones with these cards.




A Major turning point in Archies life comes in 1980 when the company introduced its first line of Greeting Cards , called the poster series(P series), by reducing poster to smaller size . The success of the P series, which continues till today, led to Archies setting up a distribution channel. Penetration of Archies Greeting Cards continued to grow and in 1981, the company held its first distributors’ meet in New Delhi.
As sales grew the company explored new ways of expanding its business and establishing itself as the market leader. It procured its first ever foreign license from Walt Disney, U.S.A, in 1984. With this move, Archies offered its consumers some of the best loved Disney characters- including Mickey Mouse Donald Duck and others on its Greeting Cards. Coupled with new methods of fabrication, Archies’ products acquired international glass and appeal.
Archies is just a walk away from your home , A whole new range of unique items are now available and lend a dash of elan and colour to gifting . Archies has evolved from a cards-only destination to a complete social expressions store. It currently operates 240+ exclusive outlets and equal number of franchise outlets across India and neighboring countries. Archies products are also available on which provides the convenient option of sending cards and gifts to your loved ones from any corner of the world, designed specially for the occasion.



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