Top 10 New Year Gift Ideas for Her

As 2019 is coming to an end and the final festival of the year is just around the corner, Archies Online wants to thank you for the immense love and support that you’ve showered on us and helped us grow. With the near end of 2019 we know that you want to be surrounded with your special ones with whom the end of a year and the beginning of a new year looks the most beautiful and memorable. 


While you’re celebrating the New Year, make sure you don’t forget to surprise that special lady in your life because of whom 2019 was so memorable. Be it your mother, sister, wife or girlfriend, she deserves all the love of this universe and we believe gifting is one of the best ways to share happiness and love. We’re sure that an amazing New Year gift will bring in all the joy and enthusiasm for her and fill her 2020 with the best wishes. Looking for a great gift for her? Let’s help you. Here are our top 10 picks:


1) Greetings Cards- Everyone knows that greeting cards are the most cherished gift items that one can find appropriately for any occasion. So, present her an amazing Greeting Card with a sweet message written for her to make it extra special. Moreover, if she lives far away from you, then sending one fine New Year greeting card will make her feel your presence even when you are miles away.




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2) Diaries- A Diary is a best friend of any woman because it helps her escape the reality for some time and weave her own thoughts. If she is creative and likes to write, present her a beautiful diary as New Year gift, let the creative juices flow straight from thoughts!




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3) Mugs and Sippers- For every winter season, a mug or sipper is the life saver for anyone! Be it for a tea or a coffee lover, a mug or a sipper, helps him/her to keep the favorite beverage stored and have it on the go during those chilly days. So a mug or sipper as a New Year gift is always the winner!




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4) Makeup- Women are always on the search for a new Makeup product and the person, who gifts them some makeup on any occasion, becomes one of their favourites for sure. From lipsticks, nail polish, compact, lip gloss, foundation, eye shadows to much more, you have plenty of products to choose from – the list does not end easily. So, this New Year, win her heart by surprising her with some makeup products. 




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5) Calendars- On every New Year eve, a new calendar is what everyone looks for. Ditch those plain and boring calendars from this year and surprise her with a stylish yet creative calendar that would bring a wide smile on her face and encourages her to fulfill all her dreams.




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6) Chocolates- Chocolates are the first love for every woman. They are their mid-night friend, satisfy all her cravings and always the best go-to food for them. Dark, milk, coffee, rum, bitter and much more – there is some much stored in for them to satisfy their cravings. So when you’re not able to figure out what to present her just go with her favourite chocolates and see the magic happening.




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7) Desk Accessories- This particular kind of gift acts as an accessory as well an organizer at the same time. Even if she goes to college or works, a desk accessory will always be helpful for her and enhance the look of her work station at the same time.




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8) Clocks– Enhance the appearance of her room or home decor with a special side table or wall clock that she would love to have and remember you every time she looks at it. Moreover, it is said that clocks should be given as a gift as they bring in a lot of success and good times. So this New Year, give her the best of everything with a special clock.


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9) Fragrances- Staying fresh and having a good fragrance for a very long time is something everybody longs for. With that, people are always in search of a new fragrance that gives them a unique identity. Let that person be you through whom she can have a unique fragrance that gives her freshness and grabs all the attention.




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10) Planners- For the working lady, who is always on the roads for meetings and work, present her a planner in which she can sort all her work for the day and make her day and year organized. Planners as a New Year gift can be a very thoughtful gift that she may be looking for some time.




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