Musical Love Affair !

There is a unique quality in human beings, which gives them an edge over all the other creations of God─ the ability to express.
How we express ourselves is a reflection of who we are as a person. Greeting Cards are a quick and effective way of expressing our feelings in the best possible way. Everyone loves to receive a card, either through the post or by hand. In this fast, hectic, frenzied world, it is worth reflecting that a greeting card is truly an effective gesture to say you care.
Archies presents its range of pop up musical cards for its buyers, so that conveying heartfelt emotions gets an added touch of class.
Jumbo Musical Birthday Card: DINO
Dinosaurs may be extinct today, but we all have our own ideas of what they were like. Young kids, of about two or three years, have the favorite “Dino-sound” that they make all the time. Some years later, around the age of six or seven, they are starting to pronounce the dinosaur names. If you have a young Dinosaur fan around you, Archies has a card for them.

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Musical Birthday Card: Guitar
You can gift this cool Archies card to someone whose day begins with the strings, and ends while exercising their vocal chords.


Few more witty reasons to buy this card are …
Express your creativity
Impress the love of your life
Entertain people around you
Conquer the world
Set your goals on fire
Rock n Roll
Express your happiness, sadness and madness



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Musical Birthday Card: Teddy
What is it about cuddly teddy bears that we find so appealing? After all, real bears are anything but adorable, huggable, fluffy animals! This love affair we have with teddy bears does not stop when we leave our childhood behind us. Since our childhood we treated them like friends, shared problems with them and cuddled them during bad times.
Archies brings this musical Birthday card to someone who’d love to open it to the “Happy Birthday” song along with cute teddies inside.



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It’s time that we experiment with cards, and add the bonus value of music to them. A musical card will not just be a warm expression of a heartfelt message, but also add an appropriate background score while you read it. Get the card that suits the personality of who’d be getting it, and watch them go ecstatic.

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