This Mother’s Day wish all the mothers you know, your mother would like that.

They play a key role in every step of our life-right from nourishing us for months in their body to caring for our health even when we are grown up. They have brought us in this beautiful world and made us what we are. They are none other than our caring and loving MOTHERS!!!

Archies has come up with new collection of greeting cards for all the mothers you know, be it grandma, mother-in-law, Daughter, wife or sister. Each card is unique in its on way in celebrating a mother is every women.


Mother-in-Law card:



This card is for the mother who is warmhearted, and has loved you like a daughter even when you were not born in to her family. Let her know that you feel blessed to have her in your life.






Grandma Card:


“Grandma” is just another word for love, whose smile is as bright as the sunshine, whose hug sets everything perfectly fine, who is a sweetheart and a darling too. So this Mother’s Day tell her “Grandma all my love is just for you.”






Daughter Card:



This  is for the girl who is just like you. She is a perfect mom in all the ways, which means not only she is doing it right, but also doing it amazingly well…. So grab this card just to say that you are‘proud of her.’






Wife Card:


Pick this card for your loving wife, who is also an amazing mother, just to tell her that ‘She is the wife you love and the kind of mom any kid would be proud to have.’







Sister Card:


This mother’s Day tell your sister that she is an amazing mom who handles anything life dishes out, no crisis is too big for her.

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