20 Great Mother’s Day Gifting Ideas

“A mother is a blessing”, is not just a saying. It is the truth of our lives and there can be no denying to it. She is the guiding light whose presence illuminates our life with happiness, blessings and memorable moments. Even though she means the world to you there may not be many instances where your express your feelings and love for her. If you live apart from you family, then there are chances that you do not even get to meet your mom every day. Well, don’t be sad.


Mother's Day is coming and it's a great opportunity to show your love and care for your dear mom. Even if you are not there with her, you can send her a wonderful gift from Archies. Yes, make her day, celebrate her, and give her a gift that she will always remember. Jump to Mother's Day Gifts Section.


A son's guide to Mother's Day Gifts


Note: scroll down to check out the daughter’s guide to Mother’s Day Gifts


1. Vitalize Sling Bag – If your mom likes to travel a lot, party enthusiast or working, then there can be no gift better than a stylish sling bag. The colors and style of this sling bag will surely impress her and bring a smile on her face.



Buy This Stylish Vitalize Sling Bag Now


2. Note Cosmetics – Your mother never takes out time for herself as she takes out for others. She is beautiful, but with the hush and rush of life, she hardly gets any time for herself and to look after her beauty. So this time present her fine quality ‘Note cosmetics’ and just see the big smile on her face. Go to Cosmetics Section



3. Greeting Cards – All you need is those right words to express your feelings and what better then choosing a greeting card that expresses your feelings just the right way. Express your feelings in the most humble and affectionate way with Archies greeting cards. Mother’s Day Cards – Check Out Our Collection Here



4. Personalized Gifts – It can be a personalized cake, cushion, photo frame or a mug. You think of it and we have it. Your mother knows it all about your likes and dislikes, it’s time you show her how much you know her. Choose a gift that suits her personality the most and shower her with all your love. Check Out of Mother’s Day Personalized Gifts Collection



5. Love is You + Me Mason Jar – Is she a fan of detailed crockery, fancy teapots? If yes, then add one of these quirky jars to her kitchen and dining set and watch her smile cheek to cheek. After all, it’s important to bring some excitement to boring kitchen routine. Choose from a range of vibrant colours, exciting designs and you will surely touch her heart by all the efforts you put in.



Love is You & Me Mason Jar – Shop Now


6. Mother is a treasure ‘Glass Quotation’ – A mother’s love is the greatest of all and so should be the gift that you are buying for her. Present her a ‘Glass quotation’ that says ‘Mother is a treasure’ and watch her eyes twinkle every time she sees it.



Mother is a Treasure ‘Glass Quotation’ – Shop Now


7. Multicoloured ethnic pocket wallet – Add some spark and sass to your mother’s life by presenting her these stylish Multicoloured ethnic pocket wallets. Give that dull routine a makeover and let her feel that her college days are back. After all, style knows no age!



Multicolored Ethnic Pocket Wallet – Shop Now


8. Silver Ring – For every son, his mother is the queen in his life. Gift your queen a beautiful radiant silver ring or a dazzling stone silver ring from Archies Online and watch her appreciate your efforts. After all, classy Jewellery pieces are a woman’s first love. Go to Ring Section




Rise Up Silver Ring – Shop Now


9. Fragrances – Add more fragrance to your mother's life by presenting her an exotic perfume. Gift your mother a fragrance from our unique range of perfumes, deodorants, and body sprays. She is sure to love another addition to her fragrance collection. View Archies’ Fragrances Collection



10. Home Decor – Only a lady in the house can make her home look gorgeous by choosing just the right decor. This time surprise the boss lady of your home by gifting her anything from our exquisite range of home decor products like: paintings, wall frames and table lamps etc. and this mother’s day, let her feel proud of her son’s perfect choice. Visit Our Home Decor Section



A Daughter’s guide to Mother’s Day Gifts


1. Earrings – This is one gift that can never go out of style. Whether your mom is a fashionista or the one who likes to keep it simple, we have earrings that can match everyone’s taste. Add a bit of desi look to her regular style by gifting these lovely earrings and get ready for that squishy bear hug from your mom. Visit Earrings Section



2. Note Hydra Lip Gloss – Expressing your feelings can be tough but you don’t always have to say it. Love lies in simple things that we do for our loved ones. Gift your mom this classy Note hydra lip gloss and we are sure she will always cherish this sweet gesture of yours.



Note Hydra Color 03 Truffle Nude Lip Gloss – Shop Now


3. Mugs and Sippers – Just like mother’s love and affection for her kids, Mugs and sippers are a part of our day to day routine. From that first morning coffee to a cup of hot milk before sleeping, Mugs and sippers are just there. Appreciate your mother and all that she does for you and present her a lovely mug for sipping her first morning coffee so that it reminds her of you and your love. Check out this Awesome Collection of Mother’s Day Mugs and Sippers



4. Keychain Pouch – Too many responsibilities and too little time to take care of those key chains? Gift you mom a lovely keychain pouch so that she has all her keys safe with her. Mother’s love such thoughtful gifts, don’t they?



Trendy Purple Keychain Pouch – Shop Now


5. Wrist watch – A working woman like her needs to keep check of her time at every point. What can be a better gift than a stylish wrist watch for your hard working mother? Give an ode to her and all that she does for you by gifting a lovely wrist watch. Go to Wrist Watch Section



6. Sunglasses – Since childhood, our mothers have been our style icon. It’s time to bring back her college days! Gift these cool pair of sunglasses and let her feel all fancy and stylish. This mother’s day, grab the opportunity to show her that you care. Check out these stylish Sunglasses from Archies



7. Key Chains – Her old school keychain needs a makeover? How about gifting her one? There is love in small things and gifts need not be big to show your love and efforts. Little things in life matters the most. Gift a set of fancy soft key chains by Archies and let her feel your love and warmth towards her. View Our Keychain Collection



8. Chocolate Boxes – Your mother must have stopped you from eating chocolates while you were a kid but now that you are all grown up, how about gifting her a delicious box of chocolates that both of you can enjoy. After all, discussing life and its philosophies with her over some chocolates isn’t a bad idea. Chocolate Gifts – Shop Now



9. Makeup – Makeup is a woman’s first love which makes it a perfect gift for your mom. Make her look confident and boost her spirits just the right way. You can choose a single product that she uses on daily basis or a combo of her few favourite products and there you go! This mother’s day, strengthen that mother-daughter bond. Go to Makeup Section Now



10. Flowers and Cake combo – You can never go wrong with a flower and cake combo. This mother’s day, surprise her by sending a lovely bouquet of her favourite flowers along with her favourite cake. Congratulations, you just made her day really special. Flowers and Cake Combos – Shop Now



We are sure by now you have plenty of gift ideas for your mom. So pick the best one for her and let her know how much you love her. This Mother’s day, put in some efforts and show her that you care.


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