…Because Each Moment With Dads Counts!

Archies believes there’s never too much love for a father. No matter how often we express it, and how well we mean it too, we will always feel that we could have gone another extra mile to say it all. Such is the love a father receives from his child. After all they remain our best friends and favorite men throughout our life.

We’re sure it’s fun to be with your Dad, isn’t it? Also, there is nothing you can do to hold the time from flying away so fast. But, Archies has a way you can make the passage of Time a little more special. Why not express all your love in a classic way, when Archies has it all?
Choose from our range of carefully picked desktop clocks, and gift them to your Dad. No matter where he is, at work, or in his own room, he is never unaware of how much you admire him.


Chessboard Desktop Clock


As they say, chess is a man’s game. And what better gift than a chessboard desktop clock for a Dad who is always conscious of his moves! This neatly crafted chessboard clock is going to make him feel quite appreciated for the father he is.


Retro Car Desktop Clock


It is quite common for Dads to have a collection of something or the other. Some collect stamps, some currency bills from different countries, and some take pride in their collection of wrist watches. Behind this habit lies the fact that Vintage is a charm for them. Anything that’s antique and unique finds a special place in their closets. Buy your Dad this classy and cool retro car desktop clock, and watch the child he becomes with joy.


Rider Desktop Clock


Tell your Dad to pick between a car and a motorcycle, and he will surely pick the second. A Rider-Dad or not, motorcycle remains their preference, because it makes them feel young and energetic. If your Dad picks the motorcycle too, get him this ultra-classy rider desktop clock. Dads need their own toys after all.


Mini Golf Desktop Clock


Dads believe that Golf is not a sport. It’s a way of life. If your father is one such man whose idea of a perfect weekend includes Golfing, and shopping spree revolves around Golf sticks, here is the right gift for him. Buy him this mini golf desktop clock and he will always remember your warm gesture.


There is no dearth of gifts for fathers at Archies. But when it comes to symbolic gifts, our desktop clocks get the most hits. Don’t stay behind, fetch him the best one for his taste… on this Father’s Day, or otherwise.


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