Down the Memory Lane.


Childhood is such a fantastic time. Just thinking about how terrific being a child is, brings a smile to our faces. For each one us, our toys are quite special. They are a little bit of childhood that we never let go. Our toys are the keepsake of our childhood memories.

‘There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, air softer and the morning fragrant than ever again’. Dwellings in which we spent our childhood years take on a prominent role in our memories. Archies brings to you the best gift ideas for your kids; give them the perfect keepsakes for their childhood memories which they can keep in their room, creating a perfect dwelling for their development.

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If Giraffes could talk, what would they teach us?
Aim high, stand tall and get spotted. This giraffe will not just be a toy to your kids but also give them a lesson for life. Different textures will amuse the kids, encourage their imagination and further their mental growth.

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My Jungle Friends:

This trio gift pack is just the right gift for your baby, be it any occasion. The combo of musical toys will bring just the much-needed excitement in your kids’ world.

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Jungle family Combo :

Welcome to the musical jungle family. The combo includes a horse which that makes the “neigh” sound, a cow that says “moo”, a pig who “oinks” and a sheep which says “Baah” as you press the button. Gift this combo to your kid and see them learning the various sounds that animals make.

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Monkey Doll :

This adorable, little Monkey is dressed in removable overalls. You can help teach your child the basic dressing skills like buttoning up, fixing a bow, zipping up etc. It also makes the sound of a crinkling paper that’s sewn within clothing. The eyes of the toy are stitched, hence safe for your infant, and it’s washable.

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Childhood, once gone, can never come back. But the memories sure stay. Make sure that your baby gets just the right companions for their childhood. That’s how we make memories, after all.


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