5 Great Ideas to Make Your Wife Feel Special on Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is a festival that reflects devotion and sheer love of a wife towards her husband. She fasts for him from sunrise to moon rise without even gulping a single drop of water. And this pretty much sums up how much a wife cares for her husband’s long life and good health. With lots of rituals, this festival also comprises of abundant love and emotions. It is a festival which is meaningful in more ways than just one and that strengthens the bond between two souls.


But have you ever thought of turning your wife’s big day into a special one? Yes, other than the rituals that your wife undergoes she deserves to enjoy the day as well.

So, why not plan something beautiful for her that she never forgets! Here are five amazing ideas for you to make your wife feel special on the occasion of Karwa Chauth

1. Plan a surprise


Women love surprises, no matter how small or big they are. You can leave your wife astonished with executing a perfect surprise for her. You can plan a post Karwa Chauth party for her in which you can invite all her friends to your place and have a small get together. As girls usually lose touch after their marriages, it seems like a nice gesture to call all her long-lost friends and let her spend quality time with them.


2. Cook for her


Imagine your wife fasting all day without even consuming a single drop of water cooking for you. That’s not the kind of Karwa Chauth you would want her to celebrate. Rather you can make her day extra special by cooking some delicious food for her. Yes, surprise her with your outstanding cooking skills by cooking her favourite delicacies. After fasting for a whole day, the only thing she’d be wanting will be a lot of rest and finger licking food. Instead of taking her on a dinner date; create an ambience and treat her in the comfort of your home. Trust us, this will totally make her fall in love with you all over again.


3. Surprise her with gifts

There’s not gonna be any perfect ending to her festival if you gift her a hamper full of goodies that she loves. And what else a woman can love more than makeup & cosmetics! Give her a hamper full of makeup and or add more sweetness to her day by gifting her a box full of chocolates. You can also gift her favourite flowers, or if she’s a caffeine addict, gift her a coffee mug you think she’d love. There are a number of gifting options available in market that you can choose and make her day ever special. Jump to Karva Chauth Gifts Section


4. Propose to her all over again


How many months or years have passed since you confessed your love to your wife? we bet quite a few. Once we start living with people we love, we tend to become ignorant and thus, we stop expressing. This Karwa Chauth, keep your ignorance aside and express your love to your better half in the most unique way. Propose her just like the way you did before getting hitched. Gather all your family members and close friends on the occasion and confess what your truly feel. Make her day magical and recreate your favourite moments; we bet she’ll burst in tears of happiness. You might as well want to propose to her in a cliché manner, with a ring but a rose would also do much of a task.


5. Fast with her


Trust us, this is the sweetest gesture you can do on this day when she’ll be fasting for you all day long. There’s no better way of expressing your love rather than fasting along with her. Take an off from your work, spend the whole day together, talk about random things and help her in getting ready for the day. You both can also decide on what to cook for the night. And you’ll experience how this little gesture has affected her and her love and respect for you will increase exponentially.


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