‘Not just a teddy’

Ever wondered why your little one is so in love with soft toys? Sharing things with a soft toy might seem bizarre to you, but for your kid it’s his or her best companion. Ever wondered why? Those heartwarming and reassuring smiles give your child a sense of belongingness. The cuddly toys not only engage your child into imaginative play, but also give your kid warmth and affection as they hug them tightly and speak their heart out.


The cuddly bunny family


DSCN3054 DSCN3068 DSCN3077

Kids love to weave a story with soft toys enacting as characters. Your kid will not only be a able to build a  fairytale around his little world, but will also create an emotional bond with these innocent toys. Available in pink, blue and mauve colors, these huggable bunnies will be a delight to own.



Bedtime teddies


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After a long day, with parents bossing around every kid needs that perfect cuddle from a companion who knows all their secrets. These adorable bears wearing night caps and holding moon in their hands will be the ideal friends for your child to share their stuff with.


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