JUST FOR YOU – My Dear Brother

They say that the bond of a brother and sister is stronger than anyone could know. With him in your life and with you by his side, there’s one thing that you know… that you will never have to fight one single battle alone.

It’s Rakhi, and this ritual strengthens the bond of love between a brother and a sister. And what’s better, this occasion doesn’t necessarily have to be celebrated with siblings. After all, cousins are quite loved too!

Besides having a traditional and emotional significance, it’s all the more fun to exchange gifts. We believe you must be quite excited about your Rakhi gift already, but don’t forget you have to purchase something for your brother or sister too.

Archies will help you locate the perfect Rakhi gift that you can give forward with your affection and good wishes.

Rakhi hampers are a good option if you’re not sure of what exactly you can get for them. We know each one of us has a different personality, and our choices differ too. Choose which hamper matches their personality and they’ll remember your warm gesture.
You can select your gift from these categories



Rakhi with Cake: http://bit.ly/1rwjKbJ
Rakhi with Chocolate:  http://bit.ly/1tdJOZe
Rakhi with Cookies:  http://bit.ly/1oQMSqc
Rakhi with Dry Fruits: http://bit.ly/1kCx1dL
Rakhi with Gifts: http://bit.ly/Ufnwu7
Rakhi with Greetings:  http://bit.ly/1jXchCS
Rakhi with Hampers:  http://bit.ly/1yBjQSH
Rakhi with Sweets: http://bit.ly/1tdKsGn



Archies has crafted some hampers keeping your needs in mind. Whether your brother or sister is a health freak, likes chocolates, or needs some coffee all day long… we have the perfect hamper for all the temptations.



1. Hamper for Brother


Brothers are tough, strong and loving at the same time. This beautiful hamper depicts the personality of a brother in just the right way.


2. Hamper for Sweet Tooth


Life can always be sweeter, and chocolates ion both hands are a ‘balanced diet’ too. Then why not get this gift hamper and do it the sweet way!




3. Hamper for fitness freaks


Being healthy isn’t the fad or a trend, instead it’s a lifestyle. This organic hamper is just perfect for your sister or brother who is a fitness freak and wants to maintain their health.



4. Hampers with Dry Fruits


Rakhi is celebrated in many ways but our roots lie in our tradition. No sweet can be better than dry fruits when it comes to the basic tradition. This hamper is packed with good health and good wishes.




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