Top 10 tips on how to make your first wedding anniversary memorable

Time flies fast when you are in love, a saying says. And, it’s so true. The romance of first love, the excitement of being together and the thrill of planning a first wedding anniversary is unparalleled. The idea of throwing a party, buying gifts and choosing outfits is a fun thing to do together. Plans can be lavish, or a small intimate setting can seem perfect. You may plan a surprise for your beloved or a cruise. There are so many options and they all look so good!


Ways to make the anniversary memorable


1. The gift is very important. Gifts are given from the heart. They are symbols of your love for each other.  Gifts can be lavish or quirky, depending on the relationship you both share. Expensive gifts are nice, but first anniversaries remind you of so many things. Moments spent together, your honeymoon and the days you spent loving each other’s company. Browse on the Archies online portal and get stuff that remind you of that time you spent in bliss.

It could be a quirky mug, a watch, an alarm clock, a photo frame with all your favourite memories, a wall hanging or myriad little things that speak of your bond. You can also order many small things to surprise your sweetheart through the day. Archies also offers you cakes and flowers online.


2. Do nothing but be with each other. The day is meant for the two of you and you should spend it as you wish. Reminisce about your courtship, eat crackers in bed or just cuddle together to have the time of your life. You could even have a cook off. It is fun to cook together and then share the meal in an intimate situation.


3. Paint the town red. Look for that plush restaurant that you have wanted to go to for a long time. Make the reservations and enjoy your night out. You can plan it as a surprise too for that extra fun element.


4. Throw the party of a lifetime. Weddings are very hectic and there is a big chance that you were too busy to enjoy the festivities. Throw the party with some matching elements like a wedding cake or decor theme from your wedding. You could even dress up in your finery to recreate the magical day. Call for the same DJ who had rocked your D-day and dance the night away.


5. Get family and friends together to watch your wedding video. What better way to recreate the beauty of your big day than watch it with loved ones. This time around you can relax on the sofa and notice all the activity, comment on clothes and have lots of fun. You can even take a nostalgic trip to the venue of your wedding, or the place where you got your pre-wedding shoot done.


6. Go for a second Honeymoon. Honeymoons are the best times of a couple’s life. Recreate those utopian days. Take a second honeymoon at a destination you have been wanting to visit for a while. Take time off from your busy schedules to spend some time alone. It could be a week or an extended weekend, you will return home with your passion for each other’s company reignited.


7. Make a yearly album. You can spend the day taking plenty of photographs and then spend the evening sorting and storing them in an album. You can easily buy an attractive photo album from Archies Online and arrange your memories in it. You can make this a ritual for every anniversary. The sweetness of memories you create diyarbakır escort every year mingle with the older ones and you can spend hours talking about them. It is a beautiful way to rekindle love.


8. You can visit your dating haunts again. You forget the simple pleasures of date nights as you get busy with the hustle and bustle of daily life. The world hardly gives a newly wedded couple time for each other once the honeymoon is over. You could take a break on this special day and go back to those halcyon days when date nights were sacrosanct. Choose the same spots, the same restaurants and food, maybe get slightly tipsy together. You could even take pictures in the same pose as your first date. First anniversaries are a great day to relive the magical moments of past dates.


9. Fulfil a fantasy together. You might have fantasized about sky diving, riding a hot air balloon, parasailing, skiing or a host of things. The humdrum of life and the lack of a partner in crime may have stopped you from doing what you always wanted to do. Take the plunge and fulfil that fantasy on your anniversary.


10. Visit a place of worship. It might sound out of place for a first wedding anniversary, but you might want to visit a place of worship to thank the divine for bringing you together and blessing you with so much happiness. You can proceed to have fun moments for the rest of the day. Blessings are a great way to start the day.


You have got gifts for each other, done all or some of the things listed above and had an enjoyable and romantic day. Do not forget to say those magic three words, “I Love You’ to each other to affirm and reiterate your love for each other. After all it was your commitment and love for each other that led you to spend the rest of your lives together.

Renew those vows and promises, cherish the memories and make new ones. Plan for the future and make those dreams come true. Anniversaries are special every year but the first one is the best. Your marriage is new, and you are young and fancy free. Make the most of the day and come back refreshed and renewed after your sojourn with each other.

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