6 Awesome Housewarming Gift Ideas

Your friends or relatives are moving into their brand-new house/flat?


Well, we all know what that means – it means a BIG housewarming PARTYYYY, and if you are going as a guest you might want to weigh your gift options. Showing empty handed is impolite and if we may say so, TACKY! The gift doesn’t have to be something expensive, as long as you bring something you are good to go.

If your hosts are super fussy and you are trying to save a penny or two, you have limited gift options – or so you thought. At Archies Online gift galore, there’s no dearth of gift options. 



Can’t Decide on An Appropriate Housewarming Gift?  Explore our top 6 picks for housewarming gift ideas:

1. Flowers


This world will be dull and colourless without flowers. Hence, you can gift flowers to your closed ones so that their new home is filled with vibrant colours and soothing aroma of the lovely blooms. Flowers are an ideal low-maintenance housewarming gift that will liven up any room and you can’t ignore the many benefits: better ambience, clean air, and much more! Rest assured, you can never go wrong with gifting  someone with a bunch of lovely blooms! It’s a perfect gift option for friends. Go to Our Flowers Section and Shop Now


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2. Kitchen & Dining


Heart is where the food is and food is served in the dining set and that’s placed at our kitchen, the most important part of our home and lives. Therefore, you can gift the new house owners an amazing range of kitchen and dining items offered by Archiesonline. You can pick from a huge collection of cute mason jars, coasters, boxes and many more such products. These simply adorable pieces would make the food look even fancier and yummier. Bon appetite! Jump to Kitchen and Dining Section






3. Photo frames


Memories are often preserved in the form of pictures. We build memories and those are cherished for a lifetime, most commonly by looking at old pictures. At Archiesonline, we offer you sturdy yet stunning frames that’ll help you preserve your picture memories in style. You can choose from different styles and sizes of the frames to be gifted, depending on where you want it to be placed. It can be kept on the bed side table where you can use it as an accessory or on that empty wall, where it stands as a testament of happy times. Archies Offers a Beautiful Collection of Photo Frames – Shop Now






4. Personalized wooden plaque


Customized gifts can totally be summed up as love personified. Wooden plaque is a perfect example of that. You can get absolutely anything embedded on the wooden plate and gift it across. The tasteful wooden plaques come engraved with a personal message or picture and can be displayed on walls, doors or showcases. This sturdy plaque is not just attractive it is also something that the recipient can cherish for decades to come.  This is a classy gift choice for a housewarming party. Take a Look at Our Collection of Personalized Wooden Plaque





5. Buddha Idols


Buddha idols/laughing Buddha statue have always been considered a great housewarming gift item. If you want to go spiritual while gifting, this is one of the best options.  This is a well-liked as well as trendy housewarming gift idea and you can find it in many designs at Archiesonline. Also, as it is said, that this is best to be gifted rather than buying on own, so surely this can be taken into picture and given to your friends as this would bring oodles of happiness, abundance of good luck and prosperity into their new home. Check Out our Awesome Collection of Buddha Idols – Shop Now






6. Ganesha Idols


Ganesha is considered to be a good luck charm and the god of new beginnings. Therefore, Ganesha Idol is considered to be the best gift for a housewarming party. Ganesha Idol is an amazing choice to give someone on the new beginning of their life, as it is said that Ganesha takes away all the worries and showers good luck. But if you’re confused about gifting that one perfect Ganesha Idol and seek for variety, then Archies Online is a place to be. Here, you can choose from a number of designs specially crafted for the occasion. Don’t wait and browse through Archies Online to grab your favourite housewarming gift. Beautiful Collection of Ganesha Idols – Take a Look






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