Grand Things to do on Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is just round the corner and we want to help you make the day special. Whether near or far, the grandparent-grandchild relationship is a special one as it brings a lot of childhood memories.


We’ve put together a list of grand things you can do on Grandparents day to make it special for the eldest members of your family.  Here are some fun ideas on how to enjoy the day with your grandparents.


Nature Walk:  You know that they won’t skip their morning walk ever, so how about accompanying them?




Cooking & Baking: Cooking for them is a way of saying that you care. While they have taken care of you all your childhood, it’s time for you to do the same. If they like to cook or bake, involve them in the kitchen. Ask them to teach you that brownie/cookie recipe that you loved as a kid. They will be over the moon.




Games & Puzzles: Bring out the kid in them by inviting them to a little friendly competition with your littlest family members. Whether you play indoor or outdoor games, it will make them really happy to spend quality time with you.




Get them on Skype or arrange a video chat:  Internet helps shorten the distance between us and our older relations. If you can’t meet them in person, it’s a perfect way to give them some quality time. They will be very pleased watching and talking to you online.




Take a Trip: Organize a trip with your parents & grandparents to strengthen the family bond.  A weekend trip to the hills/beach would be a perfect option to consider.


Three Generation Family On Holiday Walking On Beach


Watch a movie: There is nothing precious than watching them laugh uncontrollably.  Take them out or watch a comedy flick together at home and we bet you will have a great time! Time well spent indeed!


Grandfather and granddaughter watching 3-D movie in theater


Make it even more special by giving them a card or a gift that they would cherish for lifetime. Visit and pick one now!



Happy Grandparents Day!


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