Top 15 Friendship Day Gifts Ideas for Him


A true friend will always stand by your side no matter what. Even if they know that you are wrong, they will stand by your side because they promised to do so. We know you can relate to this and feel a little nostalgic for that friend who had stood by your side.


Moreover, imagining a life without them is like a food platter without any flavour! It is a blessing to have such a friendship and in order to celebrate it, Friendship Day is commenced. The first Sunday of August is celebrated as the special day for friends and surprising your best friend with a unique gift on this day can be an excuse to create some amazing memories and spend some quality time with them. However, the real question comes- What to gift your best friend that would be useful and unique at the same time? Well worry not, Archies Online as got it covered for you. If till now, you were looking for a gift that your best friend would love to have, then we have some covered for you that you can consider gifting to him.


  1. 1. Personalized Gifts – Without fail, personalized gift does its magic and makes it the most special gift for any occasion. A personalized mug or a calendar can depict your years of friendship through various images or quotes and bring a flashback in front of him. Click here to view our range of Personalized Friendship Day Gifts.




  1. 2. Chocolates – I dont like chocolates. Said no one ever! So why not gift your best friend a bunch of delicious chocolates? Chocolates are the universal gift for any occasion and were sure your best friend would love get surprised with this amount of sweetness. Awesome Friendship Day Chocolates – Click Here to Check Out.




  1. 3. Combos and Hampers – There are many combos and hampers that are made for special occasions like this. A friendship day hamper can be mix-matched with anything and make the day special for your best friend. So if you wish to gift more than one item to your friend then an exclusive combo or hamper be your option.




Real Friendship Hamper – Click Here to Buy


  1. 4. Sunglasses – Make your best friend look and an attractive fellow by gifting him a stylish pair of sunglasses on this friendship day. The fashionable sunglasses will bring the eyes of girls on him and he may later thank you for being so considerate! Click Here to Check out Archies' Range of Classy Sunglasses




Sunny Beach Day Shades – Click Here to Buy


  1. 5. Cufflinks – Let your best friend fetch all the compliments for the stylish cufflinks that you can gift him on friendship day. Your best friend will surely fall in love with cufflinks If he loves to wear suits for special occasions like weddings etc.




Bars Stun Cufflinks – Click Here to Buy


  1. 6. Watches – We know a man can never get enough of wrist watches. Thus you can make an addition to his classic collection of wrist watches. Surprise him a wrist watch that would go for a casual or formal look and make it special for him every time he wears it. Classy to Trendy Watches from Archies – Click Here to Take a Look.




Elegant Peacock Watch – Click Here to Buy


  1. 7. Fragrances – Make your best friend the showstopper of the party by gifting him an amazing fragrance that would make him smell good. We are sure that every time your friend would wear the fragrance, he would remember you for being so considerate and gifting him something special and personal.




Long-lasting 01 Zeroone Women Perfumed Body  – Click Here to Buy


  1. 8. Greeting Cards – Greeting cards have always been the traditional way to wish someone on the special day. So, why let Friendship day be left behind in the same? Infact greeting card is one gifting option that can be seized forever and still remain the same. Archies Friendship Day Greeting Cards – Click Here to Take a Look




  1. 9. Bar Accessories – For a friend who loves to have his drink in style, gifting him some bar accessories can be the best friendship day gift for him. Shot glasses or a large beer glass, anything that enhances the look or style of his drinking. Your friend will thank you for the precious gift.




I Love Beer Glass Mug With Bell – Click Here to Buy


  1. 10. Photo Frame – In the era of social media, where pictures are uploaded to let friends know how much they mean to you, be a friend who takes some extra effort to make it exclusive for your best friend. Instead of just posting a picture of you both online, get it framed in a special friendship day frame to let your friend know that he is special to you.




Multiple Image Plastic Photo Frame – Click Here to Buy


  1. 11. Cushions – One trait that every best friend has is the amount of laziness they have stored in them. You cannot do anything about it but you can make them feel comfortable in their laziness. Support their laziness with a comfy cushion that they would want to cuddle with at the end of the day and have a good sleep.




Friends Help Make Nonsense Of The World Neon Pink Cushion – Click Here to Buy


    1. 12. Cakes – Well no celebration is complete without a cake so how can friendship day be ignored? While you are planning to spend the whole day with your best friend and getting him an amazing gift, dont forget to order his favorite cake if you want to see him get amazed! Were sure that your friend will be very happy to get pampered with so much of love and gift. Friendship Day Cakes From Archies – Click Here to View Our Range




  1. 13. Quotation Frame – A little motivating push hasnt done any bad to anyone and lets be honest everybody needs a little encouragement though he/she may not ask for it. So on this friendship day gift your best friend a quotation frame filled with beautiful lines to let him know that he is special and that everything that he dreams to achieve is possible.




Friendship Means A Million Things Spiro Quotation Book – Click Here to Buy


  1. 14. Notebook – Is your friend a bookworm or loves to pour his thoughts on a paper? Then how about gifting him a beautiful notebook that would help him create amazing thoughts and bring peace to him? Make this friendship day not only about gifts that would make him happy but about gifts that would help them become a better version of him.




Lovely Happiness is in Vogue Chalk Art Notebook – Click Here to Buy


  1. 15. Keychain – A keychain may be a very convenient gift to give. But if you thought about its importance and usage then a keychain carries the most important keys- the vehicle keys or the house keys. So gift a personalised key chain to your buddy that would make him feel special every time he picks up the keys!




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