Top 15 Friendship Day Gifts Ideas for Her

There are few people in everyones life who become special and mean the world to them. They may not be related by blood but they anyhow hold a special place that is irreplaceable. From knowing the deepest and darkest secrets, sharing each others belongings, supporting unconditionally, to many more unsaid promises that keep the friendship strong. Celebrating this friendship is a must. While we know that no friendship needs a particular day to celebrate the eternal bond, friendship day can be an excuse to celebrate and pamper your best friend a little more.


So this friendship day, celebrate your devoted love for your friend by presenting her an amazing gift. Here are our top 25 picks from Archies Gallery.


  1. 1. Personalized Coffee Mug – From late night chatting to early morning coffee, let your friend be reminded that she is special to you and that you never forget about her. Hence, for her wake-up call, gift a personalised coffee mug. We have personalized mugs in various designs with a range of personalising options. Click here Jump to our Mugs and Sippers Category




  1. 2. Friendship Band – Opting for traditional gifts is also a fine way to celebrate a special day. So if were talking about celebrating friendship day then how can we forget friendship bands? Remember the time when you would find the best friendship band for your best friend and wait for the day to come and surprise your friend with it? Thus, gift your friend a special friendship band that would make your friend laugh with amusement and remember the old times. Click here to check out the huge range of Archies Friendship Bands




  1. 3. Chocolate Hamper – Who doesnt love to get surprised with a bunch of favourite chocolates? Pamper your friend with a mouthwatering chocolate hamper because chocolates work for everyone and let your best friend know how much they mean to you. Click here to view Our Awesome Chocolate Hamper Collection




  1. 4. Friendship Day Cards – A special handmade greeting card for a special day will be an be an amazing gift for your strong friendship. The heartfelt messages with amazing designs make greeting cards more special than you think. Click Here to Have a look at the amazing range of Archies Friendship Day Cards




  1. 5. Notebooks – For an avid writer who is possibly the next big author. Gift your dear friend a creative notebook that would help her spill her thoughts into words and create new dreams.




Stay You Chalk Art Notebook – Click Here to Buy


  1. 6. Quotation Book – One can never stop supporting and motivating their friends at any point. You make sure that you stand by their side no matter what. But what would you do when you are not able to reach them yet they need your support? Gift her a quotation book that would make her feel more confident. The quotation book will surely give that much needed boost for the day.




Friends Make Life More Special Quotation Book – Click Here to Buy


  1. 7. Photo Frame – For all the memorable moments that you and your best friend have lived, get those memories captured in a special photo frame to live those memories for years. Finding the best picture in many would be difficult but we know cherishing those while creating new memories is the best thing in this world.




Friend Photo Frame with Desk Clock Click Here to Buy


  1. 8. Cosmetics – A women can never get enough of cosmetics. So why not be a reason to make her more obsessed for her love? For your makeup lover friend, make this friendship day even more special by gifting her some luxury cosmetic that she may be wanting to have for too long. Click Here to Take a Look at the Range of Luxury Cosmetics Available for Sale




  1. 9. Accessories – Another thing that women are obsessed about is accessories. Neck pieces, traditional and contemporary earrings, rings and much more. You name it and they have a bunch of it. But lets admit it; a woman looks beautiful with all the accessories. So on this friendship day, gift your bestie some special accessories that she would love to wear and remember you each time she wears them. Click Here to View Archies Beautiful Friendship Jewellery Collection




  1. 10. Yellow Flowers – It is said that yellow flowers are the official flowers for friendship day because it symbolizes joy, delight and promises to keep forever. If it is a reason to flourish the friendship, then why not gift your best friend a bunch of yellow flowers to wish a very Happy Friendship Day?! Click Here to Take a Look at our Breath-taking Flowers Collection.




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  1. 11. Soft Toys – A girl of any age would always love to cuddle with her best soft toy at the end of the day. There is something about soft toys that makes them every girls best friend. So make a cute gesture by gifting a soft toy to your best friend and let her know how much you care about her.




Gifting a Teddy with Flowers will definitely make her Feel Awesome, what do you think? Click here to View Our Collection of Cute Teddies with Fresh Flowers


  1. 12. Cake – If your best friend is always having a sweet tooth craving, then surprising her with a delicious cake can be the best friendship day surprise for her. Satisfy her sweet tooth cravings with her favourite flavour and have a blast on this special day together. Click Here to Jump to Our Friendship Day Cakes Section.


Half Kg Chocolate Truffle Eggless Cake


  1. 13. Personalized Calendar – Creating a special calendar as a special gift on a special day is the latest obsession among the youngsters. One can some up the life on a person with a personalised calendar by adding images right from the childhood to the present. Such a calendar would make your friend feel nostalgic and become an expressive gift at the same time.




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  1. 14. Fragrance – The aroma of a good fragrance keeps the mood of a person pleasant all the time. Also lets not forget that a good fragrance can attract a lot of attention. So you can also gift your best friend a good fragrance that will hold a special place in her life. Click Here to Jump to Our Fragrances/Perfumes Section




  1. 15. Wall Clock – For a friend who loves decorating her home or who always needs a reminder to be on time. Gifting a wall clock can actually turn out to be a very helpful gift and who doesnt love to tease his/her friend a little?!




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While a single day cannot contain your forever bond with your best friend, friendship day can help you create more memories and make your bond stronger than before. So on this Friendship day, make your best friend feel special with some adorable gifts and promise each other to stand by each others side in every situation.

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