Top 25 Friendship Day Gift Ideas for Best Friend


Abraham Lincoln once stated: The better piece of ones life comprises of his fellowships. Friends are the ones who stand by your side no matter what and even become the best critic of your life. To celebrate this bond, Friendship Day is commenced and everybody is excited about it. It is a day to let your friends know how much they mean to you and you need them in your life. With these friends, we create memories that are cherished for years and as the years pass by, these friends become family. Be it your childhood friend, school friend, college friend or an office colleague, if they have a special place in your life then that friendship should be celebrated to let them know their importance.


Now that friendship day is around the corner why not celebrate it and surprise your best friend with a special gift? To help you find the best gift for your best friend, we bring you top 25 friendship day gift ideas. Here you go.


  1. 1. Friendship Band – No friendship day is complete without gifting your friend a friendship band. As cliche or childhood it may sound or look, friendship bands are the ambassador of friendship day and no one should be shy to gift them or receive it on this day. Click here to check out Archies Friendship Day Bands Collection




  1. 2. Greeting Cards – Greeting Card makes a special gift for a friend on friendship day. These handmade cards with soul touching quotes are perfect gifts for the occassion. They can never go out of fashion because they are crafted with love and consideration that any friend would love to treasure. . Click here to have a look at our Amazing Greeting Card Collection.




  1. 3. Personalized Gift Items – Sending your love with personalized gift items can make the day even more special for your friend. Products like calendars, mugs, pens etc can be personalized just the way you want and gifting it can give your friend a real surprise. Personalized gift holds a special place in everyones heart because it describes the love, affection and dedication put into getting it created. Click here to check out the range of personalized Friendship gifts that Archies offers you




    1. 4. Mugs and Sippers – Is your friend a tea or coffee-lover and needs a refill quite often? How about gifting your friend a mug or sipper that would help him/her keep the beverage for a long time so that it can be enjoyed a little more? If you have a friend who needs a mug or a sipper then think no more and just surprise him/her by gifting an amazing mug or sipper that he/she has been looking for quite some time. Click here to take a look at our wide range of Cool Friendship Mugs and Sippers




  1. 5. Clock – For a friend who is always running late or reaches late, gift him/her a table clock or a wall clock to let him/her know that he/she is always late! By presenting a clock you can add a little wit to your gift and make fun memories with it.




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  1. 6. Cushions – Let your friends cuddle with soft cushions designed with quirky quotes on it. You best friend would want to feel special after a hectic day and then this cushion will help him/her ease the stress. Cushions will make your friend feel special and value your friendship more.




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  1. 7. Photo Frames – Capturing the best moments with your best friend in a picture is the best way to cherish and celebrate your friendship. So why dont you get those special moments framed in a special and unique frame? Let your friends know the importance of them in your life by gifting them a photo frame captured with your special moments.




Capture those beautiful memories of Friendship in a Frame. Gift this awesome-looking Friendship Picture Frame to your Friend Click here to Buy


  1. 8. Jar of Happiness – This is also a personalized gifting option that you can surprise your best friend with. Let your friend know few reasons (among many) why he/she is your best friend. Write 50 heartfelt messages for your friend on colorful papers and keep them in a small bottle. This decorative will also make a lovely keepsake.



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  1. 9. Quotation Scroll – Friendship Scrolls are also a special way to let your buddy know how much you love him/her. A charming scroll displaying a lovely friendship message for your bestie will definitely catch an eye of your friend.



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  1. 10. Flowers – Flowers bring out the best of the person. So why not gift your friend a bunch of flowers that would make him/her mesmerize with the beautiful colors of flowers and the soft fragrance of them help them stay calm and positive. So why not be the reason to make their day filled with positivity? Click here have a look at these Beautiful Flowers with Vases available for Sale




  1. 11. Cake – No celebration is complete without cutting a delicious cake. For a friend who has been by your side in good and bad times, why not celebrate the special friendship day with the special cake? Yes cake can also be a good gifting option that can surprise your friend with utmost happiness. Have a look at Archies Range of Awesome and Fresh Cakes Click here




  • 12. Jewellery – For a friend who is always in search of jewellery and is in love with at the same time, gift her a beautiful piece of jewellery that will spell out the definition of your friendship and make her remember you every time she wears it. Click here to check out these Superb Collection of Jewellery




  1. 13. Flowers and Chocolates Combo – Flowers and Chocolates make the best gifting combo that anyone can gift without thinking twice. The flowers help calming the mind and chocolates will fulfill the taste bud desires and make your best friend happy inside out. Click here to have a look at our range of Flowers and Choco Combo available for sale




  1. 14. Soft Toys – Soft toys are cute, cuddly and loved by girls. Their soft fur and cute faces makes them cuddly and surely become the sweetest gift for your best friend.



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  1. 15. Wrist Watch – They are the timeless and precious possessions that anybody would love to get it as a gift. Wrist watch is a wonderful gifting option that you can present to your friend on this special day. Just like your friendship is timeless and precious, a wrist watch will become the souvenir of this friendship. Click here to check out Archies Awesome Collection of Watches for Men and Women



  1. 16. Wallet – Gifting a wallet on friendship day is considered as a very valuable gift because it signifies that you are wishing a very wealthy life for your friend and being very considerate towards them. So you can also gift him a wallet on this friendship day. Click here to Check Our Range of Stylish Wallets for Men and Women




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  1. 17. Cosmetics – No girl can ever get enough of makeup because they make her look beautiful and grab all the eyes on her. So on this friendship day, become a reason for all her talking and make her friendship day special. Click here to check out the range of cosmetics gifts




  1. 18. Stationary – For your nerdy or creative friend, celebrate this friendship day by gifting him/her some amazing stationary or notebooks that would make him/her fall in love with writing all over again. Visit our Stationery Gifts Section Click here




  1. 19. Fragrance – We all love to smell good all the time and thats why we love deos and perfumes and we are sure your friend is no exception. So, why not gift your friend a fragrance that would keep him/her fresh and energetic? This Friendship day, gift your friend a nice perfume/deo that would make his/her days filled around with fragrance! Check out our Range of Perfumes and Deos Click Here



  1. 20. Statues and Sculpture – Statues and sculptures are a very pretty home decor options that you can blindly gift your best friend. These statues will definitely enhance the appearance of anybodys home and become the centre of attraction. . Have a look at these Mesmerizing Statues and Sculptures Click here




  1. 21. Friendship Mug- If your friend is a coffee or tea lover, presenting him/her a stylish and classy mug will make them excited and happy for sure. What if it’s an awesome-looking mug with a strong friendship day message on it? Pick one from Archies, and present it to your dear friend; see his/her heart melt and face glow with excitement. Check out Archies’ attractive friendship day mugs collection.




  1. 22. Tea Glasses- For your friend who loves having tea at any time of the day and is also very much interested in collecting quirky glasses for his/her tea. So on this friendship day, gift your best a set of coral tea glasses that will enhance the tea set. Be a part of their joy.




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  1. 23. Best friend Trophy – Lastly but certainly not the least, you can let your friend know how much he/she means to you by gifting a unique trophy for being the best friend and constant support that you always wanted.




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  1. 24. Bar Accessories – For the friend who loves to have his/her beer in a different way, gift them a special beer glass or a set of shot glasses to add some quirkiness. Such bar accessories will be a good way to cheer your friendship on the special day.




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  1. 25. Chocolates Well, who is not in love with the luscious chocolates that satisfies your taste buds? A box of premium chocolates when gifted on friendship day will definitely make the day special and will smite your friend in love.




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