5 Awesome Ideas to Celebrate Friendship Day Like Never Before

Every year, first Sunday of August is called out to be, “The Friendship’s day” of the year. We do celebrate the day but what we really celebrate is our friends, the time spent together, the memories we made, our laughter and obviously our inside jokes.


Here are 5 sure-shot ideas for you to celebrate the day like never before:


1. Talk

Talk to your friends if you haven’t, ring them up, call out the always cancelled plans, invite them over, simply just meet and TALKKKKK. Talking therapy always works. Vent it all out, tell them how annoying your boss is/how hard your studies are/how tough is to stay alone/how much responsibilities you are showered with after marriage. In whatever paradigms of life you currently are, talking simply with your friends helps. Now that can be one on one calls or conference calls, I leave on you to decide. But talking to your friends will not give you an answer to your problems, but you will get an assurance that you’re not in this alone. You do have your bestie guarding you, always!

2. Meet

Please meet up guys, in the hustle of life, we forget or tend to give our social circle a halt, sometimes.  Let’s make that 1-day-trip, which we cancelled a zillion times, go to that new-cutesy opened café in your city, have your brunch and beer together. If you’re a party animal, hit to the latest pub and dance your ass off together like you all are having the time of your life!

3. Pamper the tribe together

No one cringed after a little relaxing session; they simply just shined and smiled more! Plan for yourself and your gang a little spa or a mani-pedi together so as to feel rejuvenated and chuck off the blues that life throws at you. The session just not only relaxes everyone but the joy of getting it done with each other is inexplicable.

4. Surprise them with a Gift

There’s absolutely no one who wouldn’t love surprises. Surprise your pals by sending them their favorite stuff, be it be a novel, their preferred branded card holder, or if you want to keep it subtle- a bouquet and chocolates never goes outta fashion, trust me, ever. This would bring out a big bear smile on their face and they would simply go awwwww posting their pampered presents on their Insta handle. Jump to Friendship Day Gifts Section

5. A T.R.I.P.

If you and your friends haven’t met in a while and time is playing the biggest constraint, let this be the right day to plan for the much awaited trip to the nearest resort or any place that falls under the proximities of your area. Let it be a day for 1 day hiking, or simply relaxing at the resort, sipping your wine and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. on repeat mode. Just take out your cars, plug out the loudest music, click those FB cover pictures and have this road trip, you guys!

To make this friendships day extra special, gift your buddy a keepsake chosen with love from Archies online gift store.  From greeting cards to chocolates, from photo frames to cuddly soft toys, there’s a sea of options to choose from, so what are we waiting for…..let the friendships day celebrations begin!

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