First Date Tips: The Top 10 Tips for First Date Success

Are you going on your first date ever, and have begun to make castles already? 
Well, the mind is a restless place when we talk about things like love, dating and intimacy, it creates scenarios and want everything to fall in place. But not to forget that we’re not fairies and world is not a wish granting factory. Things can go wrong and we might end up messing around. Likewise, going on a first date have higher chances that you mess that up as well. But here’s a catch! What if we tell you that there are rules you diyarbakir escort can abide to make your first date successful as ever? Yes! In this realm of spontaneous dating (thanks to online dating apps) you still can follow a guide to make your first date worth it.


1. Be on Time


Imagine you arrive 40 mins later than your date where he/she has already finished two cups of coffee waiting for you. Wouldn’t that ruin the whole idea of date in the first place?

If you think arriving late is a sign of you being classy then write it on a piece of paper and straight away throw it in the bin. This is one of the most annoying habits people have. Arriving in time will portray the idea that this isn’t just another casual hook-up thing for you and chances are higher that you’ll have a great time.


2. Dressing is the Key


The ones who dress, impress! No matter how much of a bibliophile you are or attracted towards a person’s intellect; personality plays a significant role in shaping those first impressions. You’re supposed to dress well and elegantly on your first date. Don’t carry shabby sneakers neither overdo with your style. Wear something through which your true character is reflected and you’re good to go. Make your date go spellbound with your looks so that they’re forced by the universe to hang out with you the second time.


3. Take a Gift

Who doesn’t like gifts? Nobody! When you plan a date together why not plan on giving a gift to him/her that they actually like. Try talking to them and learn about their likes and dislikes so that you can give them exactly what they like. You don’t have to do anything out of the box to make them feel overwhelmed, a simple gesture would do the trick. You just have to let them know that you care, and this eventually will win their heart. Jump to Gifts for Her Section & Gifts for Him Section


4. Keep up with the jarring circle


Imagine she/he being a surgeon and talking to you about how a brain surgery is done   highlighting all the technicalities. This will annoy you and you might feel sleepy at one point of time as this is not something that interests you. Similarly, while going out on a date you must pick out topics that interest both of you and not just of you. Talking about one interesting topic will lead to another and you can finally have a healthy and comfortable conversation.


5. Table etiquette matters


If you’re going on a date, especially if it's the first one, never sit on her side. I repeat never. Always try sitting across the table with your date. Because you don’t want to look clingy on the very first meeting and, it will show how much of a gentleman you are. Sitting across will also be comfortable as you can relish your own space while enjoying a little proximity with your date. Also, you can well observe him/her from across and look out for little gestures as they will help you in future meetings.


6. Avoid awkward touches

First date is always too early to show physical intimacy. There are higher chances for your date to label you as a creep and I’m sure you don’t want that. Keep it a little formal. Side hugs, handshakes will do for the first meeting. If you’ll try to hold too much hands while talking, then things may go south and chances are high that he/she would never see you again.


7. Splitting is not a necessity


Trend today says that a girl and a boy must always split, because Equality! But there’s one thing you must take into consideration. Splitting is not mandatory at all. Asking for it never hurts but don’t push. If you’re choosing a place, go for something you can afford all alone and don’t expect from your date to split. If they insist, go for it. Never push on your part. 


8. Avoid talking about your past relationship


When you decide to go on a date, it simply means that you want to start afresh. Talking about your past relationships and discussing how your exes used to be won’t help. It will just bring along a kind of negativity that you surely wouldn’t want on this beautiful day. Rather, talk about your future goals, where you stand now and how important relationships are for you. This will help in blooming a bonding between you two.


9. Be generous with people around 

The way you treat others tells a lot about your nature. By just being polite and generous towards your date will not do any good. Make sure you keep up with the same behaviour with people around you as well. For example, waiters, janitors and everyone who is at your service during the time. People often tend to behave differently with those who are at the subordinate level. Your date might notice the hypocrisy in your behaviour pattern and may decide to not to see you again. That’s why, always be nice.


10. Order what you both enjoy eating


Ordering food is the most important part of going on a date. You spend a lot of time thinking and discussing on what to eat. Smartness will be knowing about your date’s likes and dislikes on food and then choosing the restaurant and eventually you both can order what you like and can have an interesting conversation about your eating habits and favourite cuisines. It works, trust us!

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