Dressing up tips for Valentine’s Day – The day of love!

So finally, the most awaited day is here right the gear for celebrating love and you are busy shopping for the perfect gift for your loved one, preparing to spend some really special time with your Valentine’s! How you dress up for this Valentine’s Day? Have you decided yet?

Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to turn on to your ‘romantic mode’ and express your warm feelings for your sweetheart. It can happen by throwing a valentine bash for your love.

Scroll down and find out some handy tips and ideas for dressing up for the day. We will help you get started with the perfect look…

Colors to choose for the Valentine’s Day

This day is also known around the world as a time to celebrate love. White, Pink or Red are the colors of emotions and sentiments. Red is the main color of this day but it is not necessary to wear only red, you can experiment and play with colors which suits you the best.

Color Red: Represent liveliness, enthusiasm and deep love.

Color Pink: Is also a better choice as it reflects affection, sweetness and understanding.

Color Blue: It is a color of charm and novelty.

Color Yellow: It is the color that speaks joy and friendship.

Different kinds of color combinations can also carry a significant message and in a special way to communicate that you care.

Before you pick your perfect dress for Valentine’s Day, it is important to understand whether it is a day out with your love or a night occasion.

If you are planning a date with your love one such as attending a performance or watching a romantic movie, then it is desirable to maintain a casual look. Being a beautiful girl you can embellish yourself with tank top donned with a pair of light blue jeans and style it with some accessories.

  • Drape yourself in lace. Wear a lacy or frilly top over a short black skirt. Complete the look with wedges or heels.
  • For a Whacky style, you can wear dressy boots and look hot.
  • Accessorize yourself well with sparkling earrings, bracelets that would give you bold look to your wrists. A clutch bag is a great accessory, choose one which is glossy and shimmery and goes well with your dress.
  • Fall head over heels in love with romantic hairstyles to get the alluring touch like the finger waves, wrap sections of hair around a medium-sized curling iron Accessories.
  • A great way to remind one another of the love and friendship you share, Valentine’s Day gives you the option to do things differently for a day, to shake out the boring routine of everyday’s life.
  • Now with all these styling tips you are ready to rock on this final day completely , and if you are getting confused from where to buy the right kind of accessories for Valentine’s day, check out the exclusive range of stylish accessories at www.archiesonline.com

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