DIY Craft Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and we are sure all you kids must have decided what all to do for your Daddy Dearest to make him feel special. But here, we have brought you an add-on. Yes, now Archies will help you with some quick Do-It-Yourself crafts. You can gift these to your father, or surprise him by keeping these where he is never expecting. We leave that to you, but learnt these crafts with us, and have fun…

Paper Weight for Workaholic Dads


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If your Dad’s work keeps him around papers and he finds it hard to manage them, we have got a quick DIY gift for him. Knead flour and a little salt with water, and shape this dough almost the size of your hand. Place thoroughly cleaned little pebbles to form the word ‘Dad’ and set it out to dry. When dried up, you can also paint each pebble a different color, for some more visual appeal. Now no matter where he is, at home or in office, this paperweight will remind him of you.
Craft a Gift for Your Dressy Dad


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Is your Dad a stylish man? Do you often see him shuffling through the T.V. channels and newspaper pages while observing men’s fashion? Well then, we have got you something. You can gift him a cute little key chain that shapes his fashion love into an expression of your love for him.
To start with, cut thick canvas-like fabric into two tie shapes of the same size. Colour them how you like with fabric markers. Stitch the hems of both the ties leaving the upper knot-shaped area open. Now take a key ring and thread a ribbon through it. Put the loose ends of the ribbon in the open space you left unstitched, and seal the two ties together. Your trendy little tie is all set to woo your Dad!


Gift it to him, and express how much you appreciate him.


Daddy Tag Key Chain




Get about a dozen little cards (almost the length of your finger). They can all be of different colours, or your Dad’s favorite colour. Keep one card entirely blank, and decorate it how you like… with colorful pens, cute stickers, or just a strip of colored tape. This will be the cover. Now take another card and write “I love my Daddy because…” Once done with that, jot down one reason on each of the remaining cards. Punch each card and gather them all on a small ring clip.


We are sure there would be a hundred reasons, but because we have to maintain the utility point too, let us keep them just about 8-10 in number. Too many cards will be hard for him to handle. Gift this key chain to your Daddy Dearest. When he goes through each of these cards when at work, he wouldn’t wait to get back home to you.


Archies will try and get you some more cool craft ideas for more occasions. There are so many bonds we celebrate on various days. Just make sure to express your love often, because that is the basis of all relationships.

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