Daughter’s day is a day that is set up to honor daughters everywhere. On this day people get together with their daughters to make them feel special and to let them know that they are appreciated. Daughter’s Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of September. Archies gives you the perfect way to say to your Daughter “YOU ARE SPECIAL”

Archies offers a product portfolio containing specially designed greeting cards, gift items such as curios, photo albums, photo frames, soft toys, mugs, quotation plaques, key chains and a wide range of social expression stationery. Emotions have always been at the heart of Archies collections. With unmatchable quality and unique variety, just walk in to your nearest Archies and pick your heartiest feeling and share it with your Daughter, because a shared joy is a double joy.

The gift range consists of the following


Stuff Toys: 





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Photo Frames:




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Cute Combos: 





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The key to Archies success is the fact that the company has consistently focused on emotions and feelings and by becoming the most special way to say that you care. The classic example it has established to make this claim evident is introducing the entire “Day” celebration concept. The whole uproar we see for Daughters Day is a propitious creation of Archies Ltd.

The Daughter is the most beautiful gift this world has to give, and Archies gives some very interesting gift options. Pamper your Daughter this Daughter’s Day with unconventional gifts from Archies. Right products that can spruce up the house and encompasses everything that you can think of when the word ‘Gifts’ come in mind.

Archies is just a walk away from your home , A whole new range of unique items are now available and lend a dash of elan and colour to gifting . Archies has evolved from a cards-only destination to a complete social expressions store. It currently operates 240+ exclusive outlets and equal number of franchise outlets across India and neighboring countries. Archies products are also available on http://bit.ly/1qLK9n5 which provides the convenient option of sending cards and gifts to your loved ones from any corner of the world, designed especially for the occasion.

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