15 Awesome Daughters’ Day Gift Ideas

How pale life would have become if there were no daughters to fill colors in it?


The chirpiest birds of every household, daddy’s princesses, a mother’s support system, and secret keepers of their families; having a daughter is a sheer blessing. Her arrival marks the celebration for the entire life. But how many times have you made her feel hd porno special the way she does? Now is the time! Daughter’s Day is approaching, and you can do all the things to make her feel at cloud nine. Apart from taking her to an amazing day out, choose a gift that she never forgets, which brings a never fading smile to her face.


Control the frown that has suddenly appeared after thinking about the hardships you’re gonna face while choosing a perfect surprise for your beautiful princess. Archies is right here to take you out of the dilemma and make you a perfect parent for your little daughter. Our timeless gifting collection for the occasion of Daughter’s Day will definitely astound your daughter to bits.


Here are 15 Awesome Daughter’s Day gift ideas to surprise your beloved daughter:


1. Personalized Mugs


When it comes to gifting, especially to girls, one must know that girls obsess over the usefulness of the gift. Gift her a useful thing and she’ll keep it close to her heart forever. Surprise your daughter with Archies’ Personalised Mugs for Daughters. These mugs are exclusively created for your munchkins with a sweet quote and you can also personalise the mug by adding her adorable picture to make her feel top of the world.




Personalized Mug for Daughter – Shop Now


2. Dearest Daughter Personalized Tile


Gift her a souvenir of your bond while you express your feelings with a beautifully written quote  along with your loving picture on a stylish tile so that every time she sees it, she remembers how beautiful a parent-daughter relationship is.




Dearest Daughter Personalized Tile – Shop Now


3. Fluffy Teddy Bear


No matter what the age of your daughter is, girls have been falling in love with stuffed toys since forever. Especially, when it comes to Teddy Bears. Give your daughter a partner she could hug tight and feel the same warmth she gets from you whenever she’s far away from home. Browse through the website to buy a perfect fluff for her.  Jump to Teddy Bear Section




Brown Soft Teddy Bear Small – Shop Now


4. My Secret Book Diary


The fact isn’t unknown to anyone, girls are way too secretive than boys since their childhood. Why not gift them something where they can share their secrets and also develop a good writing habit out of it! Yes, we’re talking about a Secret Diary. Buy a quirky and stylish diary from Archies that even has a lock to keep your girl’s secrets safe and make her special as ever.




My Secret Book Diary – Order Online Now


5. Stunning Wrist Watch


Your daughter is precious to you and there’s no doubt you would want to give her the best gift of her life. Is there anything better than surprising her with the most valuable “Time”? Gift your princess a timeless collection of watches from Archies and let her flaunt the class with confidence.  Go to Watch Section




Trendy Owl Unisex Wristwatch – Order Now


6. Alluring Nail Enamels


From black to pink, girls love to experiment with their nail enamel choices and there exists no girl in this world who doesn’t trip over the idea of painting their nails.Stun your little angel by surprising her with a combination of Nail Enamels from Archies and let her know that you care about even the slightest likings.  Explore our Wide Range of Nail Paints – Click Here




7. Lipsticks


A woman is an amalgamation of beauty & boldness and they all love one thing that brings out both the characteristics. Lipstick! Gift your girl lipsticks of her choice and watch her going crazy in bliss. With Archies’ Note collection you can buy her a variety of shades; from cute to bold.  Note Italy’s Attractive Range of Lipstick – Shop Now




8. Fragrances


Just like your daughter spill fragrance with her presence in your life, you would want to make her life fragrant as ever. Most girls are quite fond of scents and trendy perfumes. If you’re confused about what to gift her on Daughter’s Day, you can easily browse through Archies’ Fragrances section and pick a perfect one for her. Visit Archies’ Fragrances Section




9. Earrings


Girls and accessories have an unbreakable bond that can never be dented! And your daughter is no exception when it comes to love for fashionable jewels. This Daughter’s Day, surprise her with modish earrings from Archies. From minimal pearl earrings to chic oxidised danglers, we’ve got you covered.  Earrings for Daughter – Shop Now




10. Chocolates


Your daughter is the sweetest gift to you from god. And your cute marshmallow definitely craves chocolates every now and then. Add utter sweetness in her life by gifting her a box of chocolates from Archies filled with the richness of dry fruits. Chocolates Boxes from Archies – Shop Now





11. Wallets


Your daughter’s outings are incomplete without wallets and handbags as it is a utility and also adds a tinge of style to her overall look. So, putting an end to your hours of dilemma, Archies has brought to you a chic range of wallets and pouches upon which your little angel is going to drool. Without wasting a second, browse through Archies and gift her an awesome wallet. Awesome Collection of Wallets from Archies – Shop Now





12. Bracelets


Girls love to accessorize! Any sort of jewelry that makes her look good will make her trip over again & again. Add a style quotient to your daughter’s jewellery collection and she will love you more than ever. Archies Bracelet range is going places now, from trendy handcuffs to beaded bracelet are super girly and stylish and you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to gift them to your daughter. Beautiful Collection of Bracelets for Women – Shop Now





13. Pendant


Pretty Pendants by Archies are elegant as ever and will make your daughter feel like a princess. 

Gift her these so she can flaunt them in any occasion she attends. We have a classic range of pendants from fashion pearls and even a chic choker set. Fantastic Collection of Pendants from Archies – Shop Now





14. Cosmetics


What would be better than surprising your daughter with a whole cosmetic range, to make her feel like top of the world! With Archies Note collection, you can even create a makeup kit; from  base to blush and mascara! Browse through Archies to explore a myriad of makeup products. Cosmetic Hampers – Shop Now





15. Self-Care products


Take out a day for your sweet little angel on the occasion of Daughter’s Day and pamper her in all the ways you can! Gift her a range of Face Masks from Archies and tell her about the importance of self-care in daily life.  Jump to Facial Masks Sectio





Explore our Complete Collection of Daughters’ Day Gifts – Click Here


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