Dads ─ The First Heroes We Meet

Dads all around the world are known by different names… Dad, Daddy, Papa. But one thing remains common everywhere ─ they are the first and the foremost for us when it comes to support, guidance and protection. The Dads all across the globe are celebrated and honored on a day especially meant for them. So this Dad’s Day, make your father feel special and let him know how much you appreciate him for the Dad he is, the man he is.

Archies brings to you a little look-through about what to get your Dad on his special day, or any other random day, that will not just express your love and admiration, but also be a utility for him.




Men today are no less than anybody when it comes to looking presentable. Why should your Dad be left behind then? Fetch him a pair of cufflinks that you like the best in our collection, and see him don them with his favorite shirt and a flashing smile.

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Wrist Watches


It is said that just as a woman finds her look incomplete without a handbag, a man feels the same without a wrist watch. If there is one item we can relate the best with our Dads, it has to be the wrist watches. Then why not bring them one when it is their special day?

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Throughout our growing years, our Dads are the one who we go to, whenever we need some cash. And they too, always act quite generous with it. Then how about buying them a wallet once, which can remind him that all his cash is already ours?

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We associate our Dad with the fragrance we experience when clinging around his neck as kids. Now, when we are grown up, but still their darling kids, how about picking a cologne for him? Archies has an impressive collection of all sorts of fragrances your Dad may like ─ woody, spicy or suede. Pick your favourite and gift him just that.

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Dads surely do not need a gift for being reminded how special they are to us, but how about saying the same with an Archies gift? After all, Archies is the most special way to say you care.




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