DAD Puts The Super Into Hero!

Father’s Day is a time of commemoration and celebration of Dad’s everywhere. It is a time for breakfasts in bed, family gatherings and precious gift giving to show dad how much you care.



As Dad’s special day draws near, why not delight him with a gift that is unique and truly special? Archies helps children and moms alike in finding that one-of-a-kind gift for dad.




Archies helps you appreciate your father in a right way.It offers a product portfolio containing specially designed greeting cards, gift items such as chocolates, photo albums, photo frames, accessories, soft toys, mugs, quotation plaques, key chains and a wide range of social expression stationery.




Father’s Day celebration is truly a global concept of honoring fatherhood and celebrating parental bonds like the recently celebrated Mother’s Day. The entire celebration of Father’s Day centers around acknowledging responsibilities of fathers as well as father-figures like stepfather, grandpa and even elder brothers in the family or in society. It is truly a unique way to reveal your loving regards to your dad who you love as much as your mom.


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Archies has come up with some very interesting greeting card options this Father’s Day. A complete range of 44 new designs will give you some very interesting options and unconventional ways to wish your DAD ‘A Very Happy Father’s Day’.





Emotions have always been at the heart of Archies collections. One need not do anything big, a small thoughtful act goes a long way when it comes to those we love. Archies has a whole new range of unique items that lend a dash of élan and colour to gifting. Archies has evolved from a cards-only destination to a complete social expressions store. It currently operates 240+ exclusive outlets and equal number of franchise outlets across India and neighboring countries. Archies products are also available on and Archies – Official Fan Page on Facebook, which provides the convenient option of sending cards and gifts to your loved ones from any corner of the world, designed specially for the occasion.




Archies never ceases to explore ways to keep the brand young and desirable. Today, it’s helping bring people together; tomorrow it will celebrate with them the romance of life and living. Through these subtle positioning shifts it expects to remain relevant to the Indian consumer with novel and innovative offerings. However, irrespective of how it is perceived the truth is that no other Indian brand evokes the same feelings of love and emotions. It is unlikely that any brand, in the near future, will.

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