Up, Close and Personal… The Art of Gifting

There are way too many occasions that we, being in India, attend each year. The worth and the gathering may differ, but what remains a constant throughout the ceremonies are the Gifts. Finding the perfect gift can be quite nerve-wracking for us. It is all the more difficult to find a gift that the person will like, and bring to use.

The universal way to find the perfect gift is to analyze the recipient’s personality and lifestyle. This can bring about the best results, be it for your own mother, or for your spouse’s best friend.

But what can be done when the occasion is just around the corner, and you haven’t found enough time to raid the gift galleries of your locality? Archies will tell you…


Consider the personality and lifestyle of the recipient. Male or female? Mature or young? Once you have reached this point, you can break the criteria even further. Are they sporty or couch potatoes? Foodies or health freaks? Do they prefer reading or partying? We are sure the process will be much easier now.

Do a little research.

Talk to somebody who knows the recipient well. For example, when you can’t decide what to get for your mother-in-law, your spouse is the best person to talk to. They will be able to provide a little more information than you already have, and then proceed with the purchase.

Pick a hobby or area of interest.

Now that you’ve got a little more information, narrow it down to an interest you know the most about. Let’s say your partner’s mother likes gardening. Then gardening supplies, seed packets and terracotta pots are probably a safe bet.



Get creative.

If you have a crafty side, try making a gift yourself. For a gardening enthusiast, you can get a small terracotta pot, some acrylic paint and a sealer. Paint the pot with their name on it, with colors that go well with the garden. You can paint more elaborate things on the pot if you wish, but even a color other than terracotta will be great. Add a few packets of seeds to the hamper or a small book on gardening tips. Now that is an inexpensive and definitely usable gift.

Listen up.

If you spend any time at all talking to this person, tune in for phrases like, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have…” or “Aren’t those…a great idea?” or even “I am so tired of this old…”. With clues like these, it’s often possible to get somebody something they hadn’t yet fully realized they needed.

Draw on your own experience and those of others.

For example, if you’re looking for a gift for a baby shower, recall what came in handy when you had a baby, or ask any mom you know, for some more suggestions.

Go shopping with the recipient, and notice what he or she naturally gravitates toward.

This is also a good time to listen for commentary on a person’s likes and dislikes.

Consider personalizing a gift.

It can be as simple as ordering a gift online and adding your recipient’s name. Besides being easy, personalizing a gift has its rewards for both the gift giver and receiver. You’ll have your chance to be creative and the satisfaction of knowing that you created something for someone who’s special. And of course, the recipient will be moved that you took the time to create such a unique memento.
Some of the very interesting personalized gift ideas from Archies can help you get the perfect gift for your loved ones.
Heart Pillow:
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Get this granite personalized and make it the perfect gift a mark of your heartfelt feelings, to be cherished all life long.

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Once you select a great gift, don’t forget to wrap the gift attractively. Presentation alone won’t compensate for a wrong choice, but it can enhance a good one.


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