Aristotle once observed that close friends “share salt together.” More than seasoning their food at a common table, it is believed that true friends share life with each other. Sunday, August 3, is Friendship Day, a day to celebrate a relation that is a chosen one. Archies gives you the perfect way to say to your friend “YOU ARE SPECIAL”
Archies offers a product portfolio containing specially designed greeting cards, gift items such as photo albums, photo frames, soft toys, mugs, quotation plaques, key chains and a wide range of social expression stationery.
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Emotions have always been at the heart of Archies collections. With unmatchable quality and unique variety, just walk in to your nearest Archies store or visit us online and pick your heartiest feeling and share it with your FRIEND, because a shared joy is a double joy.
You can have lot of acquaintances, but only a few people will become your best friends. Real friendship does not just happen; you have to work towards it. Friends cheer us when we are depressed, motivate us when we are ready to give in. This friendship day, let your friends know how much they mean to you, with an Archies Card and Gifts.

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