Boss’ Day is on Thursday– 16-Oct-2014

This occasion is slowly gaining popularity all over India and other countries as well. A boss’ work is seldom appreciated because he or she often faces difficult situations where he or she needs to be as polite as possible, yet get the work completed by their subordinates. Maintaining that thin line between strictness and leniency is a difficult task. Today is Boss’ Day , Archies has arranged a wide collection of Greeting cards and associated gifts in its store. To check the items available you just have to walk into the nearest store or log on to ( and take your pick.

Lets have a look at some amazing Boss’ Day product range .


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Patricia Bays Haroski registered National Bosses Day with the United States Chamber of Commerce in 1958, she not only wanted to show appreciation for bosses but also hoped the day would improve relationships between supervisors and employees. She chose October 16 because she forgot the birthday of her boss, who was also her father.
Boss’s Day has become an international celebration in recent years and now is observed in countries such as India, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, and Egypt.
Archies in not far behind in helping employees appreciate their boss in a right way. It offers a product portfolio containing specially designed greeting cards, associated gift items such as chocolates, photo albums, photo frames, soft toys, mugs, quotation plaques, key chains and a wide range of social expression stationery.
Archies never ceases to explore ways to keep the brand young and desirable. Today, it’s helping bring people together; tomorrow it will celebrate with them the romance of life and living. Through these subtle positioning shifts it aims to remain relevant to the Indian consumer with novel and innovative offerings. However, irrespective of how it is perceived the truth is that no other Indian brand evokes the same feelings of love and emotions. It is unlikely that any brand, in the near future, will.

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