20 Best Womens Day Gift Ideas


She is the one who can pull off many roles at once. A Mother, Daughter, Sister, Leader and Wife and so on; a woman has so many roles to play just like men. A woman has been the center of various poems, songs and folktales that describes her magnanimous personality. In fact, a famous quote by Diane Mariechild says, “A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” Such is the power of being a woman. Considering the love, care and sacrifices a woman has to do in the different walks of life, International Women’s Day is  celebrated every year on March 8th to give them their recognition and the most of it, to make them feel special.


Everybody has that special woman in their life. Be it in the form of Mother, Grandmother, Wife, Sister, Girlfriend, Boss, Aunt, Niece, Teacher, Colleague/Coworker, Friend, Classmate and so on; it becomes a responsibility to make her feel special for everything she has done for you. So, now that Women’s Day is just around the corner, surprise her with some gifts that she would love to have and feel out of this world. Archies Online brings you top 20 Women’s Day gift ideas that you can choose from and make this day special for her.


1) Greeting Cards – Express your love and respect for her through the words weaved on greeting cards. Greeting cards are really a special gift that can be gifted on every occasion as they express heartfelt emotions perfectly.



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2) Earrings – A pair of earrings that she can wear at office or a pair of jhumkas that will enhance her traditional attire – gift her a pair of earrings that would bring a wide smile on her face and would love to wear every time!



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3) Wallets – Surprise her with a trendy wallet that she would love to flaunt and make all the heads turn. Moreover, it is even said that, wallets when given as gifts bring good luck too!



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4) Flowers – Flowers are instant mood lifters that are loved by everyone. So why not surprise her with something that makes her blossom, just like a bunch of alluring flowers? There are Roses, Lilies, Orchids, Carnations and many more flowers with which you can make your woman feel special.



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5) Makeup – Makeup not only makes women feel beautiful, but it also gives her the confidence that boosts her spirit. What’s more? Women just love makeup products. A combo of makeup products will be a great gift to present to her on Women’s day.



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6) Photo Frames – A gift that has some special touch is always close to the heart. So how about surprising your mother, wife, sister or girlfriend with a photo frame that has a special moment captured in that frame? Let her cherish those moments and feel special about it.



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7) Personalized Gifts – Personalized gifts always win hearts The extra efforts put in to make it special surely shows how much you love and care of her. You can choose personalized products like, mugs, cushions, pens, photo albums, accessories and much more to make this women’s day worth it.



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8) Chocolates- Who doesn’t like getting surprised with a big box of tasty chocolates? Chocolates have always been the best friend for woman because they are instant mood lifters and also satisfy the taste buds the best. Choose a big box of her favourite chocolates and let her know how you care about her needs.



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9) Hampers – Hamper has its own charm. Combine 2-3 gifts and make it a hamper! We promise you will watch her jump with happiness seeing so much of love and care.



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10) Fragrances – You can also gift her a special fragrance that lets her stay fresh throughout the day and stay active. Everybody loves have a good collection of fragrances that they can use and feel fresh and confident. So give her an addition to her collection and make this occasion special for her.



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11) Soft Toys – These cuddle buddies are definitely the best friends that every woman need in their lives. Be it your mother, sister, wife or a friend, soft toys are loved by women the most. A teddy bear, puppy, cat or a cute little monkey will the best friend that they would want – choose her favorite one and just present it and make her feel pampered.



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12) Quotation Books – Let words of love show gratitude you’ve for her. Gift her a quotation book that expresses your thoughts for her and make her feel joyous.



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13) Message Bottle – There are plenty of reasons to tell the woman in your life why you love her. We give you 50 reasons in a message bottle! Yes, message bottles can be an unique way to let her know how much you love her.



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14) Wrist Watches – In today’s world, fashion and trends of almost everything change with the blink of an eye! That means, it is important to stay updated with fashion. So how about surprising her with a fashionable timeless possession to let her know she has all the time to rule the world.



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15) Sunglasses – When your woman is on the roads, a fancy & artsy pair of sunglasses will be her perfect partner on a sunny day! Aviators, wayfare, cat eye and many more such stylish sunglasses will not only save her from the sunlight but will also turn all heads on her.



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16) Portable Digital Music Player – If the lady of your life loves listening to old school Bollywood songs then a portable digital music player is the perfect women’s day gift for her! This Saregama Carvaan has 5000 preloaded evergreen Hindi songs from legends like Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, R.D Burman and many more that will bring in golden memories.



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17) Mugs – Mugs can also be a special way to let her know how much you love and care for her. Every time she will have a favourite beverage in that special mug, she will always remember your love and affection towards her.



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18) Trophy – Present her a classy ceramic trophy that will be a permanent reminder for her that she is the best. A trophy can be a unique gift that she can cherish for many years and feel happy about it.



19) Lamps & T-Lights – If she has a love for lamps and lights, then surprising her with an attractive lamp or t-light won’t be a bad idea. It will enhance the home interiors as well which she will definitely love.



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20) Desk Accessories – Present her a beautiful desk accessory that she keeps it on her desk and let it remind her how much you love her every day and feel special and happy about it



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