Best Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Week 2021


We all can agree that the start of February begins with preparations for Valentine’s week. All around, we can see people planning something special for their love. With elated hearts, everyone is rushing around to make their week with their loved ones perfect.

Are you also a part of this crowd, running about to make arrangements? It is also important to come up with gifts that are unique, thoughtful and a symbol of your love. We hope you have got them figured out. If not, you can go through our gift ideas for each day of Valentine’s week.


1). Rose Day- What Will You Gift Your Love?

archies flower set

The first day of Valentine’s week is obviously important for gifting a rose. But is that the only gift you have prepared?


I. Bold Red Roses to Confess Your Love

You want to symbolize your love in flowers? Buy your lover a bunch of red roses, a single one or artificial ones to last forever. On Rose day, you must keep up with the tradition for this special day.


II. Fragrant Scents for a Delightful Day

Roses are fragrant, so celebrate the day with fragrances and scents for your partner. Soothing scents are surely something everyone loves, they will too- especially the one you both like.


III. Gift a Personalized Mug with Love

A cute mug with your picture together on it, that’s a special gift you can consider. This memorable gift can be treasured for a long time.


IV. Colourful Floral Hampers to Surprise Them

Along with a bunch of flowers, why don’t you combine chocolates, soft toys and other gifts, make a hamper and gift it? They will never be able to guess all the things you put into the hamper.

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2. Propose Day- Are You Ready to Propose?

tile frame hamper

You must be planning your confession on this day or you are celebrating it with your partner. Either way, you must be looking for a gift to celebrate your time together.


I. Propose with Dazzling Pendants

A delicate gift that is close to their heart, literally, can make for a cute gift. Confess your love for them or celebrate it all over again with pendants, which can also be a style statement for them.


II. Cut a Heart Shaped Cake Together

To celebrate the love you have for each other, you have to cut a cute heart-shaped cake in whichever flavour you enjoy. It is a special occasion and you should satisfy the sweet cravings with a mouthwatering treat.


III. Cute Couple Globes to Adorn Their Home

Are you looking for a showpiece to represent you two? Why not choose a couple globe! You can have it play music, spin the figurines in circles and adorn your lover’s home, all in one adorable couple globe.


IV. Place a Love Message in a Bottle

By love messages in a bottle and make your own personal notes to give to your loved one. That is a romantic gift and they can read what you wrote repeatedly and gush over the adorable gesture.

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3. Chocolate Day- How Are You Adding Sweetness to the Day?

archies chocolate gift hampers

This is the day you spoil your sweetheart with all the sweets they want for Valentine’s day. Are you ready with the perfect gifts to impress them this year?


I. Treat Your Love to Handmade Chocolates

Are you looking for an alternative to chocolate bars? Try handmade chocolates that are easily available everywhere. Find the perfect flavours that your lover might enjoy and enjoy them together if your partner allows it.


II. Bring a Sweet Variety with Chocolate Boxes

You can pick a variety of chocolates instead of just one, with a chocolate box. We are sure the options between different chocolates are alluring. And to a chocolate lover, the different chocolates in a box are always welcome.


III. Chocolate Hampers to Surprise Them

Pair your chocolates with other gifts such as a card, flowers, small jewellery pieces and other options. Or maybe you could pick all the different types of chocolates you find, put them in a basket and give it to your partner. They’ll surely love that one.


IV. Chocolate Bouquets for the Unique Love

Are you looking for a unique and out of the box method of gifting chocolates this year? Well, we have a solution for you, buy a chocolate bouquet. Instead of flowers, you have chocolates placed there or place chocolates between flowers.

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4. Teddy Day- Prepared to Give Them Some Cuddles?

archies soft toy with flowers combo

Teddy bears are another soft expression of love. Choose your gifts for the day carefully, for they should be cute, adorable and huggable like the name suggests.


I. Adorable and Charming Teddy Bears 

You should obviously buy them a teddy bear on this day. No one can resist the charms of those cute plush toys. You won’t be replaced as a cuddle buddy, your lover will hold onto them when they miss you too much.


II. Cute Soft Toys to Remind Them of You

Instead of buying them a teddy bear, you can also consider other cute soft toys in different shapes and sizes. Any soft toy can bring a smile to your lover’s face, be sure you choose a cute one because it just might represent you.


III. Delightful Soft Toy Hampers to Make Them Smile

Pair the cute and cuddly toy with other items or combine soft toys of different shapes and sizes. Do you think they will mind three soft toys instead of one? Not really, that is absurd. So choose a soft toy hamper that will make them happy.


IV. Make Them Go Soft with a Personalized Cushion

The closest thing to a soft toy is a cushion. You can choose a cushion and get it personalized, something for the two of you- may be a photo or a message- your choice. This idea is sure to tug on their heartstrings.

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5. Promise Day- Will You Keep Your Promises?

archies heart chocolate gift hampers

What are you planning on promising to your significant other? Seal the promise with a cute gift that they can hold onto forever.


I. Make your Promise with a Card

What is a better way to promise than writing it down on a card? Um, nothing. Your promise written in ink on a piece of paper is all you need to win their trust and love. After all, you do plan on keeping your promises, right?


II. Personalized Jewellery for a Promise in Style

Customize a piece of jewellery with your names, the date you started dating, etc. and give it to your loved one. That is your way of making a promise with a piece that they can wear on any occasion and will definitely hold onto dearly.


III. A Locked Diary to Share Your Secrets with Each Other

If your partner enjoys writing, drawing or keeping a diary, this might be an ideal gift. You can even add your personal note on the backside. We assure you, they will read it regularly and feel delighted.


IV. Loving Photo Frames to Hold Your Memories Together

Imagine a photo frame with a picture of you two in it, together, placed on their shelf. Sweet right? This way, your lover can smile at the beautiful memories you both have made together, along with the promises.

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6. Hug Day- How Long Will You Hold Them?

archies rose doll

You better be ready with your hugs and your gifts for hug day. Many gifts can feel like love wrapped in a hug.


I. Adorable Showpieces to Adorn Their Home

Your loved one might enjoy adorning their home. If yes, you can always choose a showpiece for their home. A cute couple, a smiling doll and globes, you have so much to choose from. Pick something your partner will proudly keep in their house.


II. Cute Couple Mugs to Be Connected to Each Other

Buy a set of mugs that are couple themed, keep one for yourself and give them the other one. That is just the cutest idea. With a variety of messages and colours, you can definitely find something you both will love.


III. Gift Love with Glamorous Accessories

Does your partner love to accessorize when stepping out? Choose a cute hat, scarf, wallet or a pair of sunglasses for them. You can add another accessory to their huge collection. They are sure to adore it.


IV. Dedicate Your Love With Delicate Earrings

For the one who enjoys dressing up, you can buy a dazzling pair of earrings. Match a pair of earrings to their outfits and get them the style they wear most of the time. A sweet reminder of you, every time they wear those earrings.

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7. Kiss Day- Planned a Romantic Day?

archies romantic couple antique

Are you ready to take your romance up a notch? Be prepared with the perfect gifts for a romantic day before the big day arrives.


I. Choose Unique and Trendy Sculptures

You can choose trendy, colourful sculptures or get miniatures made of both of you to give to your partner. They are unique, customised and will definitely make them giggle with delight.


II. Paired up Cushion and Mug Sets for Their Leisure

You can also give your partner a cushion and mug set. They can sit back, relax against the cushion while drinking coffee out of the mug. A must-have if they love drinking coffee and lying about.


III. Make Memories with Personalized Tiles

Add a photo of you two together to a tile with a romantic message and let it adorn your lover’s wall. A memorable gift that they are sure to look at every time they walk by that wall.


IV. Make Their Nights Brighter with Fairy Lights

Buy them a set of fairy lights and adorn their room with them. They will make for a very romantic atmosphere and keep the dark away. If they love staying up late, these will be a cute addition to their nights.

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8. Valentine’s Day- Celebrate Love and Admiration

archies forever greeting cards

The grand day of Valentine’s week will be upon you as you are busy celebrating the whole week. You want to ensure everything is perfect, so make sure your gift is breathtaking as well.


I. Celebrate Your Love with Mixed Roses

You can start the day by giving them a bouquet of mixed roses or other flowers, whichever your partner loves the most. These flowers are a symbol of your love and commitment to them. Your lover will definitely start the day on a happy note.


II. Valentine’s Day Cards to Treasure Them

A card to go with your flowers or a separate one, to show them just how important they are to you. It seems like a cliche idea, but trust us, everybody loves getting a card. They are sure to treasure it for a while.


III. Care for Them with Self-care Products

Show how much you care for your lover with a kit or set of self-care products and pamper them as you shower them with your love. If they enjoy maintaining themselves, this thoughtful gift will definitely win their heart.


IV. Sweeten Your Date with a Mouthwatering Cake

As you both sit together for your date, do not forget to cut a cake together. It is a way of celebrating your undying love for each other. A sweet day like this definitely deserves a sweet treat. Enjoy your date as you gobble the dessert.

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