Archies – The most special way to say you care !

Archies is not just your friendly neighbourhood greeting cards company; since launch in 1979 it has had such a deep impact that the business itself has gathered a new nomenclature – it’s now called the social expressions industry. The change in name is not perfunctory. It has been caused because Archies brought in professionalism and elevated the business from an unorganized one to an organized one. In the process it actually repackaged the feelings of love, affection, adoration and respect into affordable memorabilia.


Things you didn’t know about Archies



1. Daughter’s Day and Friendship Day are Archies innovations
2. The Hallmark brand in India is operated by Archies, under a licenced agreement
3. UNICEF cards and stationery in India are designed, produced and marketed by Archies
4. 2012 marks 25 years of Archies introducing India to the concept of Valentine’s Day.
5. The average Archies store has more than 5000 unique items.




Archies have various category of gifts that you can explore to pick the best for your loved ones



Accessories  :




Greeting Cards :









Kids World :




Soft Toys :





Archies never ceases to explore ways to keep the brand young and desirable. Today, it’s helping bring people together; tomorrow it will celebrate with them the romance of life and living. Through these subtle positioning shifts it expects to remain relevant to the Indian consumer with novel and innovative offerings. However, irrespective of how it is perceived the truth is that no other Indian brand evokes the same feelings of love and romance. It is unlikely that any brand, in the near future, will.

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