How to Apply Makeup in Summers on different Occasions?

Summers are all about unbearable heat, sweating, cool drinks, pool parties and much more. In addition, for women and girls, its about wearing some hot and trendy dresses. Even irrespective of the weather, we women love to dress up and complement it with a perfect makeup that makes us look just wow. And if you are one of them, then just go ahead and keep reading this blog, which will get you acquainted with the best ways to apply makeups, especially in summers.


Getting ready in summers for an occasion is quite tiresome due to hot weather, especially making your makeup lasts long is quite challenging and worrying. So, here are some ways to apply makeup in summers in an effortless way that will make you look stunning in every occasion, be it a dinner date or a wedding.


Afternoon Get-together with Friends


First of all apply a sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun, then mineral powder to combat the excess oil from the skin and afterwards use a naked or creamy compact. Apply compact properly over all your face to save it from moisture loss. Now, its time to make your eyes look its best – use a shimmery eye shadow and a lighter shade towards the corner. Finally, complete your look with a pinkish or peachy color lip gloss.





Live Concert/Movie Show


Start with a moisturizer, which gives your skin an even tone and allows it to breathe in summers. If you have an oily skin, use a compact or face powder. For eye makeup, apply a waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Now, finish your look with a bright lipstick and in case you need a lighter shade, try going for a lip balm. Note Italy long wearing lipsticks is a great option.




Morning Look


Use a primer to even out your skin tone, and then apply a mineral powder for a natural look. Apply a light blusher over your cheeks, smile and blend it properly. For eyes, start with a liquid waterproof liner; apply it gently in a one go or slowly as desired. Finally, brighten your makeup with an ultra-rich lipstick. Try different shades of red, which goes perfect with every skin tone and looks just wow.



Dinner Date


For a dinner, start your makeup by applying a foundation, followed by concealer to even out the dark circles and blemishes (if any). After this, pat down the excess foundation with a compact to form a base. Smoky eyes are quite in trend nowadays; try this look to dazzle like a star. Use a multitudes eye-shadow palette and use different brushes and color tones to recreate smoky eyes. Once done, curl your eyelashes and apply mascara. Fill up your eyebrows with an eye pencil (if needed). Now, apply blusher an enlightened one along the cheeks in a proper manner. To look your best, complete it with a lip gloss, which is a must for a dinner date.





Wedding makeup is quite different and especially in summers, it needs to come out at its best that stays for long without coming out. So, apply foundation with a brush in a circular motion along all the edges, nose, cheeks and all over your face. Now, its time to apply a blusher, selecting its color is important in summers, thus, choose it wisely depending upon your skin and undertones. Eg: For a fair skin and cool undertones, the cool pink blush looks best. Apply it properly through the cheeks. Now, the most important eye makeup comes in. Use light warm color eye shadow in summers to avoid messing it up in this hot weather. Cover your bottom lashes with a liner and use two coats of mascara for an even look. Finally, give a finishing look with a bright glowing and glossy lipstick. Also, carry it with you to fix it when needed.


Well, these ways of doing makeup in summers will give a humidity-proof look that will win everyones heart wherever you go. So, look your best and dress in style with a makeup thats everlasting just like Note Italy Cosmetics by Archies.


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