Adopt a Mom

Maa is the first word that we learnt. She was our first teacher – she taught us how to talk, eat, walk, read, share, everything. Our existence is because of her. God made MOM as he knew only she would be the one who would take care of everyone in her family.


Maa is the first word which comes to our minds when we are in good or bad circumstances. Whether you are in pain or on top of the world; she would be the one supporting you always! We always tend to take people who care for us, for granted.

She’s that one person who would always be willing to walk the extra mile for you.


Now that you are all grown up, you don't need her. You say you can manage yourself and you don’t need her nagging. You treat her like a luggage. Don’t forget that she has sacrificed a lot for you. Now that she needs you, you are not there for her!


Now that she is old and needs your support, you abandon her like she means nothing to you. How can somebody be so inhumane and treat their parents like objects? How do you sleep peacefully at night? How do you look yourself in the mirror after doing such a heartless act?

Take out time for her! Treat her like she treated you. Spend time with her, don’t abandon her like an object which you lost interest from. Her whole life she hasn’t asked you anything in return for what she did for you. It’s time for you to realize her importance and sacrifices made by her. Talk to her, hold her, comfort her, hug her, kiss her and see the emotions in her eyes. This will make her so happy that she would cry. This would mean a lot to her.


Not necessarily that you do it for your mom, tell all mothers around you how special they are. Next time if you see an old woman trying to cross the road, help her! Go to an old age home and spend time with them!


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Don’t abandon your parents, they gave birth to you, taught you, made all your wishes true and this is what you do to them? Ask your inner self if this is right. You will get the answer.

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