7 unique reasons to send a greeting card

Isn't in the age of Social Media, we have become people who want to poke our friends in the virtual world, write something in 140 characters or post a message to a wall? Have we forgotten the personalized way of wishing or making a loved one smile!


With all the Social Sites & Messaging apps available, there are roughly hundred of ways to express your feelings to someone special, however, there is nothing like an actual greeting card to make someone feel cheered, consoled or loved.


Everyone loves to receive a card, either through the post or by hand. Here are 7 unique reasons to send a greeting card:


Say Thank You:

Appreciate the efforts of your near & dear ones for their support, well wishes and for being there for you always with a lovely greeting card. It would surely be an ideal way to tell her or him how blessed you feel to have them in your life.


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A very happy birthday:

Birthdays and fun are synonymous. Send lovely & humorous birthday cards to your buddies and loved ones and make them go awe on their special day.


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For the love of Sibling:

Friends, mentors, secret sharers and a lot more, Siblings share a very special bond. So when it's Rakhi, Bhai Dooj, Birthday or any special day, treat them royally and make them feel special with awesome cards.


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I Love You:

So you've found your perfect match! Congratulations, we couldnt be any happier! Explore a collection of romantic, sensuous, fun greeting cards to make your special day or any day more special for your sweetheart.


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Parents Love:

Thank them for always being there for you. A simple gesture of sending them a card or giving it personally will go a long way. Pick a warm, loving and fun card!


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Make your buddy or loved one delighted by noticing even a small achievement. Send a nice card if they got a promotion or its their wedding or engagement anniversary.


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Wish them Good Luck:

So your buddy is moving away to the US, or your loved one is going on a foreign trip, giving/sending them a greeting card will not only make them feel connected, it will also leave them with a smile.


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And, even if everything is going wonderfully well, it's always great to hear from a loved one who says something positive, wishes you well and makes you feel loved. So, why not send a card without any reason?


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