Fathers are special and so are the little gestures that they do for their kids. We all have seen kids saying, “My Daddy Strongest, because they see superheroes in their Dad. Fathers are always treated as strongest pillars of life, someone who will always be your side through your thick & thin. Fathers are not just strong but emotional too, they might seem hard to the outer world but they are soft & tender from inside. Now the question arises, why do we celebrate Father's Day?

Check out the below reasons to celebrate Father's Day:

1) He Has Always Been There for You: In your toughest time, he was there to hold you and made sure that you stay motivated. From being a friend to a good dad to a great guide, he has always been there for you. This Father's Day, let him know that you care for him as much as he does.

2) He Does Not Show Emotions but Cares a Lot: Everyone loves their Daddy, but when did you ask him last, “Dad, how are you? They might not show often how much they love you but they truly care for their kids. They are emotional but hide their emotions from world that is why they are called strongest.

3) Father's Day is an Excuse to Celebrate Fatherhood: Spend some quality time with him from your hectic schedule; this gesture will surely make him feel special. Let your daddy know that you care for him the most.

4) He Puts in All The effort For You: Remember the effort he had put in every time just to make you feel happy. From being your toy horse to doing your hair, he tried everything to see that wonderful smile on your face.

5) Your Dad is Your Hero: He is truly a hero of your family. He has been doing everything in an effortless manner. Now, it's your turn to make him feel awesome on this Father's Day.

Hope these reasons are enough for you to spend some time with your dad and show him that you care. Celebrate Father's Day with our exclusive range, take a look here: http://www.archiesonline.com/father's-day

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