• This Women’s Day, Look Glam with these 9 Easy Makeup Tips & Ideas

    Womens day2021

    Saying bye-bye to the freezing winters and welcoming the summer sun is a great feeling. But the smeared mascara, melting foundation and sticky lipstick might not be making you feel that great. So to fight off the sweaty makeup look, here are some tips to look glam under the glaring sun.


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  • Best Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Week 2021


    We all can agree that the start of February begins with preparations for Valentine’s week. All around, we can see people planning something special for their love. With elated hearts, everyone is rushing around to make their week with their loved ones perfect.

    Are you also a part of this crowd, running about to make arrangements? It is also important to come up with gifts that are unique, thoughtful and a symbol of your love. We hope you have got them figured out. If not, you can go through our gift ideas for each day of Valentine’s week.


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